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Fictional Role Models

Hey, lovelies!  It's the last year of January which means only two more months of winter YAY! I decided I'd shake things up from my regular fashion post and talk about my other favorite thing: fictional characters!

As some of you already know I'm an avid fangirl with a core deep love of books, movies, TV, practically every form of storytelling I'm a fan of and, like most, I've had a respect and admiration for a lot of fictional characters and I've tried to model my life after them. I believe we tend to think of role models as something we have when we're younger and then to grow out of them, but I think having, or still having, role models as an adult is just as important because we're always developing as people; no matter if your 5 or 85, you can still have someone who you look up too for guidance or to emulate what you hope to achieve in life.

So here are some of the fictional characters I look up and inspire to be.

Claire Underwood(House of Cards) 


8 Upcoming 2018 Trends To Get Excited For

Hello, lovelies! How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully more exciting than mine haha.
Okay, so it's almost the end of January, which means we're that much closer to spring *throws confetti*, it also means we're getting all the new trend forecasts for 2018 *throws even more confetti*. Remember: "New year, new you" or, more importantly, "New trends, New Looks". Yeah, that sounds wayyyy better.

So here's some upcoming trends that I'm excited about!

Sparkles and Sequins 
(image from Google)
 Bling Bling Baby! Hello, my name is Elle and I'm a sparkle addict. Seriously I so excited that sparkles and other shiny thing are in, I already have my bedazzler out (yes I have a bedazzler, don't judge me!). The whole minimalist trend was cool and all but I prefer to have glitter embedded in every single aspect of my life.  It's practically in my DNA. Accessories your sparkles with shoes, jewelry or handbags. You can also play with sequins in skirt…

Outfits Based On Songs

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is rocking their Monday, I know I'm not I've just been so tired lately and fighting a bit of a headache. But you just gotta get going am I right? Anyway, as you can probably tell, I redid the blog webpage a little *throws confetti*. It's actually the first time I've given the blog a makeover since...well since I created it. I was never really in love with how the site looked before, feeling it was a bit too clunky and not very fashionable and I am so much happier with this! What do you guys think of the update? Let me know in the comments.

Okay, onto today's post. I, like practically everyone on planet Earth like music(shocking I know). I actually have a lot of different taste in music. From old time big band sounds from the 40's-60's like Frank Sintra, Elvis Presley, and Bobby Darrin, to emo punk rock like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, to more poppy hits like Taylor Swift. I also love love love LOVE musicals. Though la…

A Wintrovert's Survival Guide

Hello Lovelies! How's everyone first week of 2018 going? Mine has been freezing, like legit negative degree temperatures. Already 2018 is freezing me out! Not cool dude!
    I'm what you call a wintrovert: a person who does not go out when it's snowing or flipping cold (like negative degree's cold). I live in Upstate New York, boarding on Vermont in a very small country town. Do you think they plow the roads, like, at all?
    Which means if there's a really big storm like the one last week I'm stuck at home for DAYS, which makes me very very stir crazy(I'm lucky to have a job I can work at home from but makes me stay locked in the house). Now I understand why bears hibernate. I also really really wish I was a bear, I can just snooze through all this and wake up in the spring.
(Though let's be honest, I'd make a cute bear)
     Now I know what you're thinkings: Oh Elle, you've lived in Upstate New York all your life, and you went to col…