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Lost In Austen LitCube Review

Hey Lovies! Long time, no post! But I promise this post will be worth the wait because what a dozzey this post is. OMG where do I start? Okay so rewinded a few months ago in July, the subscription box Litcube was having an exclusive One Time only called "Lost in Austen" box. Now, as you can tell by some of my post in the past that I am a huge Jane Austen lover, not to mention that I've been following Litcube forever so I thought I would give it a try. Not to mention the fact that ChickLit Design (which I love) was suppose to partner with them, which it a-mazing! With all those factors I paid 45 dollars for a box that would arrive in September.

It's October.

Now, Litcube has had a lot of problems between July and now. The partner ship with Litcube and ChickLit Designs fell through because the company that was making there product scammed them out of a lot of money. Not to mention the whole hurricane Matthew thing. LitCube has been through a lot. And, while I was reall…