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Modcloth Stylish Surprise (March)

Hey Lovies! Hope everyone spring break is going well! (Spring break has become less fun now that I work at a college because I miss a week of pay. :/) But I'm actually kicking off my break with something awesome! ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Yes, I am a sucker for ModCloth Russian Roulette-I mean Stylish Surprise. For the folks at home who haven't heard of Stylish Surprise,  It's something that the clothing site ModCloth does every few months where they offer their beautiful(and pricey) dress, apparel, shoes, jewelry and apartment items for super low prices. Dress are $20, Apparel is $15, Shoes and apartment items are $10 and Jewelry(a new category) for $5. The catch? You have no item what your getting. You pick the size and that's it. You could get something you love, or you can get something you hate. Russian Roulette man.

I've done the Stylish Suprise twice now(see old posts). The first time I only ordered a dress and it was good, it was actually my graduation dre…