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March Owl Crate Unboxing (First Video)

Hey loves! So, I've been a blogging slump the last few days, I haven't really been loving what I've been writing, or haven't been really excited about the things I've been blogging about, so I decided to do my first video blog! I've always really wanted to do a video blog, but I've always been really self-conscious about it and that I would be really bad at it (I still feel that way now lol). But life is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, even if it's not perfect.

For my first video, I decided to do an unboxing of my March Owlcrate, because I thought it would be a cool thing to do. If you haven't heard about Owlcrate before, it is a monthly YA book subscription box service that ships monthly and each box comes with a hardcover signed book and 3-5 bookish goodies, going with a different monthly theme. March's theme was "Across the Galaxy" which is the reason why I got the box. I really liked how the box was described and I r…


Hello my loves! As you can probably guess by the title of this post, or ya know, ANY post I have up here. I love shoes. Like, shoes are honestly my solemate. I can spend hours in shoe departments, or only shopping just looking at them.  Some people like to look at paintings, some people like to look at shoes because they ARE works of heart people, fight me.

I have as of right now, 34 pairs of shoes (yes I have a problem). Most of them I can only wear in the late spring to early fall because Upstate New York winters are not fun. However, if you are looking to downsize your shoe rack or closet in general (something that I should probably be doing but YOLO) or looking to expand your shoe horizons, I have created a handy-dandy list of shoes you should probably have in your closet.

So let's get started!!

Ankle Boots 
Photo by Camila Dam├ísio on Unsplash
Edgier than a pump and can still be worn during colder months, the Ankle Boot is your BFF when you are transitioning from fall to winter,…

What I'm Loving

Hey loves! How's everybody dealing with daylight saving time? I thought I was going to do fine because you I'm an early riser already, but I'm still so tired! Ughhhh. At least there is coffee.

Anyway, I thought I would do a new occasional series called "What I'm loving" which is a roundup of things I'm obsessed with right now, and that I NEED to talk about or else I'll explode (really dire stuff here folks). This is a roundup of things I'm loving in fashion, books, beauty, TV and just all sorts of things that have my little heart at the moment. So let's get started.

What I'm Loving: Purple Lipstick. 

I've had an obsession with purple lipstick since last year, but it's honesty grown within the past few months. I think I've been bored with pink and red shades lately, but I don't really have the skin tone to play with any other shades, much makes purple a nice in-between that looks risky but still goes with everything. Both of …

Creating a Capsule Library

Hello loves! So a couple of months ago my bestie Kat tweeted me a link to Super Space Chick blog where she was tagged to do a really fun book and fashion challenge called "Creating a Capsule Library" and it looked so fun I knew I had to give it a try. This challenge, that was created by FOUR different book bloggers: Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Rachel of Hello Chelly, Hannah of So Obsessed With and Kelly of Belle of the Literati. The rules are super simple: 
Pick 10 pieces of clothing (5-7 actual clothing and 3-5 accessories) that you love and would preserve forever in a time capsule and 5-7 authors and 3-5 single books (no series!) that you love and would persevere forever. Here, I'll break it down for ya: 

The Clothes: 5-7 authors (any/all of their books would be in your library)The Accessories: 3-5 individual books (and no cheating with a series!) Easy-peasy right? It was actually super hard loves! I love clothes and books and have so many pieces and books that I love an…