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My Top 24 Outfits

Hey loves! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday and just having a good month in general. August is my favorite month, not only because it's my birthday month, but because I can enjoy pumpkin spice everything and Halloween decorations in 80-degree pool weather.
Speaking of birthday is tomorrow! I'll be turning the big 24 and kinda feeling meh about it. I've never really been excited about my birthday unless I was going on a trip or something. Idk, I get weirdly sad about my birthday. Plus I feel like I celebrated it a week ago when I got my first byline in Teen Vogue which was an amazing experience and like I'm so proud of it, and a friend came over and celebrated with me which was really nice. I don't think of doing much tomorrow. Maybe go to Barnes and Noble, but nothing really cool. Helloooo adulthood.

Anyway, in honor of my 24 birthday, here are my top 24 favorite outfits that I've ever put together. From vintage dresses to fancy out…

The Witches Moon: August Box: Review

Hey loves! Welcome to August, where all the stores have Halloween decorations our in the front and the Christmas decorations in the back. I like August, not only because I can have pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups by the pool in my swimsuit, but it's also my birthday month! Am I the only one who treats their birthday month as a whole month to just splurge on themselves? Just me? Okay...
Anyway, I'm not the only person splurging on myself, my bestie Kat has been legit spoiling me with her gift game this year. This year she even has a theme: witchcraft! And her gift has been awesome. As many of you know, I have an addiction to subscription boxes, Kat also knows this. She's looked all over the web and picked out the perfect witchy description box: The Witches Moon Box, which I had been dying to try(but she didn't know that).
It did not disappoint.

The Witches Moon is a monthly subscription box that supplies you tons of witchy goodies that help yo…