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20 Things Every 20-Something Should Have in Their Closet

Hey loves! A few weeks ago a friend of mine came up to me and complimented me on my outfits "You always looked so put together! I need your wardrobe!" I was very flattered and it made me think, "How did I put together my wardrobe?"We're stepping into the "real world" of professional jobs and internship while still being young and still wanting to have fun and wear cute party outfits or comfy weekend clothes. Often times there isn't enough balance between the three. Therefore I've come with a list of twenty items you need in your closet.

1) Blazer

If there is only one advice you can take away from this blog is to please, oh please, buy yourself a blazer. A blazer can turn almost any outfit into a work/internship ready outfit. Throw this over a cute superhero tee and dark jeans for a work causal outfit. Pair with a dress or a skirt if it's a chilly day outside (or you're not feeling 100% about how your arms look, we've all been there).…

Fashion History Lesson: Chokers

Hello, lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well today. It's actually supposed to be in the 70's here this week and I'm super excited. I'm trying not to get my hopes for an early spring...but I'm totes getting my hopes up for an early spring.

Today I'd thought I'd talk about my two favorite things: fashion and history. I am a huge history buff and I actually love watching different trends turn up again in different ways throughout history. What's cool about fashion is that it's circular, even though they may look a little different with each go around.

So we'll start off with one of my favorite trends going on right now: the choker. I'm obsessed with chokers you guys! Like they are the perfect way to have a little edge in your lives: whether you're trying to channel a little bit of 90's kid vibes into your style, or go full blown Edge Queen.          

See? From 90's Princess to Power Witch, get a girl who can do both.
Or you can g…

The Singles Guide to Valentine's Day

Hello Lovelies! Happy Monday!  I'm sure you all know what time of year it is. You've seen all the stupid pink and red hearts and giant teddy bears in every single drug store and grocery store.
 Valentines Day is upon us folks.
      Not going to lie folks, I hate Valentines Day, for both personal and moral reasons. Moral, because I think it's so corrupt and consumerism. It was essentially created as a cash holiday to keep stores going between Christmas and Easter with the sole intent of making money.  It's also sexist because it's targeted to women, saying that they have to be in a relationship on this certain day or something is wrong with you. And if you are in a relationship and this day isn't 1000% perfection, something is wrong with your relationship. It's a lot of needless pressure and so many stereotypes that's all just ew.
     I don't like Valentine's day on a personal note because every one of my Valentines while dating has been t…

Save or Splurge

Hey lovelies! How was everyone's "Super Sunday?" I spent mine crying over the adorable kittens at the Kitten Bowl. Did you guys see that? Omg, I was sobbing it was so cute, I wanted to adopt all of them (is this how cat ladies are born?).  I actually have been wanting a cat for like two years now, especially a special needs cat and this just cemented the need.

Anyway, I just wanted to distract you all with kitten talk because today we're going to be talking about meow-ny...I mean money. Now, I think everyone has the same problem as I do, I love to shop, but I hate spending money. I'm always on the hunt for a good deal and for really cute clothes, which is a rarer combo than you think. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, with money burning in our pockets, it's super easy to spend cash on things in the name of "treat yo self". Which sometimes can lead us feeling bad about spending money on clothes. Now, they're no shame in spending cash on clothe…