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What I did over winter break (aka the story of how I loomed 11 infinity scarves and 3 hats)

Hey lovelies. Hope everyone had a good winter break. I'm heading back to New Canada on Sunday for my last semester of undergraduate college! It's so emotional and overwhelming and I both love/ hate it. And, after a very frustrating time regarding transcript and 235 dollars later (owie!) I'm almost fully applied to 6 graduate school. Now the endless waiting process (cries).

Also, exciting news!! I have 1,119 page views!! I mean, thats a huge number to me, and sure, most of those are probably just spam or me checking out my own blog but some people outside my own life are reading this thing, and I say thank you, you the real MVP.

Anyway, I'm happy to point out that this is my third blog post this month which means...I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING ON MY NEW YEAR LIST!!!! (Throws ticket tape parade). Okay I know I'm suppose to post three things every month in order to check it off my list, but it my defense I'm very bad at a lot of things so this is a big deal.


Color Guide

Hey lovelies! I'm sure this has happened to you plenty of times: you get this great new color sweater or t-shirt and you think to yourself, "What can I wear with this? What goes with this?" The struggle is real. You don't want to get your color mixed up and be a serious eye sore, but you don't want to pair your cool new color with just black, white or jeans(the colors that go with everything). Now, this is coming from a girl who's favorite color combo is black and white, but sometimes you just to mix things up. So, if your not sure what goes with what here's a simple guideline:

Pair Red with:
Grey (every shade)
Mustard yellow (think Gryffindor)

Pair Yellow with: 
Sky Blue 
Black (yay Hufflepuff! But make sure you don't look like a bumblebee)
Dark Teal 
Brown (any shade)
Grey(lighter grey's)

Pair Green with: 
Eggplant Purple 
(I'm emotionally against green and pink. Okay, I just am)

New Year Resolution!

Hey lovelies!Happy 2016! I actually had a really great 2015, I made some awesome friends, got published for the first time, spoke at a conference, joined the campus newspaper(getting an article published the first semester back), fell in and out of love a couple times, and and did a lot of great writing. And lets not forget one of the best things I did in 2015: Start this blog! I'm hoping that 2016 will be just as good!

For my first post of the new year, I decided to talk about my new year resolutions. I normally never do New Year resolutions because I kinda think they're silly and they put unrealistic expectations on you. Like if you don't do it, it makes you feel like a failure and I don't need that kinda hassle in my life. For example, if I make the resolution to write everyday, I know I'm not going to achieve it because, although I love writing, I'm not going to every single day for 365 days. I'm in college, there are going to be days where all I want t…