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Top Five Spring Outfits

Hello loves! It's currently pouring outside and it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow which means spring is finally here! I'm pretty excited because it's spring, then summer just around the corner, and that's really the only season I care about.
So I decided to kick off this last day of April with my top five spring outfits. I wanted to do this post months ago but hadn't stopped snowing until like now. So here we are!

Outfit One: Everything is Cherries on Top 

When I first saw this dress on Forever21 website I knew I HAD to have it. It's so fun, cute, a little, and a little kitschy, but hey, that's on brand for me! I love the new spring/summer trend of the keyhole self-tie top on dresses I'll probably buy more dresses like that. The dress is really comfy and soft. My only complaint is that it's a little long for my height (5'3), but I'm in love. I paired it with my beloved red pumps and a choker. I think what would make this outfit perfect woul…

April's Month in Review

Hello loves! Hope everyone is having a lovely last Monday of April. It got up to 60 degrees here and I was in heaven. When I wasn't furiously writing on unexpected deadline, I was outside reading and going on walks. So happy that spring is finally here.

So, since it is the last blog post of April, I decided to do kind of a month in review. I got the idea from my blogging pal Michaela who did this a month review of her blog, "On the Cusp" last month and I loved it. So here's how April went for me!

Feeling: I've been feeling pretty down at this months. I think because the weather has been really crappy this month like it only just got sunny yesterday, that's pretty sad. I'm also really lonely, like soul-crushing lonely. I really don't get to see people often, my best friend is in Brooklyn, I don't any friends around. I just lonely. 
Wanting:  For my life to being, honesty. I feel exactly like the song at the beginning of Tangled (you know the one). I…

One Item Challenge (Faux Leopard Fur Coat)

Hello loves! Hope you're all doing well. I'm currently watching the sleet/snow/rain from why window, low-key trying not to cry because I'm convinced the universe somehow hates me and wants me to suffer. Okay, I know that's not totally the reason but still! But I'm keeping optimistic, and by optimistic I mean I've been shopping.

Anyway, I was at the Label Shopper the other day after brunch (the Label Shopper is like a shader T.J. Maxx where everything is much cheaper but the name brands are like scratched out). I was just browsing the racks, not really looking for anything in particular (you know how it goes). And I went into the 75 percent off all coats rack (those fools thought winter was over *cue evil laugh*) So I was flipping through the coats when I found...*drum roll please*
Yes, I found it, after years and years of searching, and wanting, I found Margot Tennenbaum coat from The Royal Tenenbaums for only $7!!!!!!! (Are you screaming? I know I am!).

Style Icons

Hey loves! How's everyone's Monday going? I've been a little down lately, the weather is not helping at all, and just me trying to get my life going is VERY stressful. Currently nursing a headache and some green tea that is supposed to increase weight loss *fingers crossed*. Hope you're doing better than me!

Nah it's not all doom and gloom over here, I actually got published twice last week *throws confetti* The first was my article "Fall Out Boy Made Emo And Pop Punk More LGBTQ-Friendly" that was published in Into More that you can read here. The other one was a personal essay I wrote for Ravhisly that I'm really proud of called "How Fan-Fiction Played A Central Role in My Bisexual Awakening" which you can read here.

Okay, now onto the article. Today I'm going to be discussing some of my favorite style icons that have looked up over the years as I've been cultivating my style. This list is made of actual people that I have really a…

A Handy Guide to Swinter: AKA Fake Spring

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a hoppy Easter/Passover/weekend. I ate a lot of carrot cake cupcakes and peanut butter eggs, leaving me a very bad body image day. But it's fine, because it's April, and that means spring is here right?! Floral patterns, light jackets, peep toes shoes, sunshine!!!

I had just bought a spring dress when I turned on the TV and saw snow. Flippin' snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Friday.

I just got MOST of the snow off my lawn, I can't take any more of this freaking folks. I was so optimistic, I even bought clothes! I've fallen for the dreaded trap of SWINTER 

What's swinter you ask? It's the horrible time of the year where it's almost spring, but then it's NOPE not yet, also known as fake spring.

Basically it's Mother Nature April fools joke on all of us.

BUT there is a way to survive it folks. I've come up with ten handy things that will get you through weird limbo of seasons.

Booties  Photo by