Outfits Based On Songs

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is rocking their Monday, I know I'm not I've just been so tired lately and fighting a bit of a headache. But you just gotta get going am I right? Anyway, as you can probably tell, I redid the blog webpage a little *throws confetti*. It's actually the first time I've given the blog a makeover since...well since I created it. I was never really in love with how the site looked before, feeling it was a bit too clunky and not very fashionable and I am so much happier with this! What do you guys think of the update? Let me know in the comments.

Okay, onto today's post. I, like practically everyone on planet Earth like music(shocking I know). I actually have a lot of different taste in music. From old time big band sounds from the 40's-60's like Frank Sintra, Elvis Presley, and Bobby Darrin, to emo punk rock like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, to more poppy hits like Taylor Swift. I also love love love LOVE musicals. Though la…

A Wintrovert's Survival Guide

Hello Lovelies! How's everyone first week of 2018 going? Mine has been freezing, like legit negative degree temperatures. Already 2018 is freezing me out! Not cool dude!
    I'm what you call a wintrovert: a person who does not go out when it's snowing or flipping cold (like negative degree's cold). I live in Upstate New York, boarding on Vermont in a very small country town. Do you think they plow the roads, like, at all?
    Which means if there's a really big storm like the one last week I'm stuck at home for DAYS, which makes me very very stir crazy(I'm lucky to have a job I can work at home from but makes me stay locked in the house). Now I understand why bears hibernate. I also really really wish I was a bear, I can just snooze through all this and wake up in the spring.
(Though let's be honest, I'd make a cute bear)
     Now I know what you're thinkings: Oh Elle, you've lived in Upstate New York all your life, and you went to col…

Oh What a Year! A Review of 2017; SneakPeak at 2018

Hey lovelies! Welcome to the last blog post of 2017! *throws confetti*  Hope everyone is having a lovely New Years Eve. I myself am spending a quiet New Years Eve at home because it's so freaking cold here! But I'll happily ring in the New Year eating Chinese take-out, drinking Raspberry Champagne, playing Harry Potter Clue with my parents and watching The Thin Man movie series (aka, one of my favorite movies of all time).
About to get wrecked!
Also I have a party hat

(This face is how I feel about this year tbh)

   Honestly, I'm happy to see 2017. It was a really rough year for me personally. I feel like a lot of things changed but nothing really changed if you know what I mean. I changed jobs a few times, I started the year in a strained, in hindsight, toxic relationship, and now I'm single. Still, I'm basically in the same position that I was in last December, which is the absolute last place I wanted to be.
   As I'm writing this, I'm facing the vision b…

One Item Challenge (Leopard Print Boots)

Hey Lovelies! Hope your holiday was merry and bright! My Christmas was pretty stressful to tell you the truth. My dog Trixie got very sick Christmas Eve and we had to take her to the 24-hour animal hospital because our vet was closed. Luckily we caught the infection before it could get worse and by Christmas day she was back to her old self, which was a Christmas miracle.  What did everyone get for Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate)? Here is my holiday haul!

It was a very cozy Christmas with a fluffy leopard print bathroom, sheets, fox knee socks, Harry Potter figure, Wet hairbrush, my favorite perfume, and an awesome pair of boots with shiny gold heels. Not pictured is the tons of Amazon and Hobby Lobby gift cards I got, the mug and FANCY lipsticks I got from Kat, and booze.
 Honesty Kat's lipsticks and my boots are probably my favorite gifts this year. I mean look how shiny they are! (heart eyes). Which got me to thinking about my favorite non-heel shoes which lead m…

Holiday Outfits

Happy Holidays Lovelies! Can you believe that the Holiday Season is here? I can't, like real talk guys, I'm super far behind. I have a gift to buy, presents to wrap and none of my Christmas cards are out. Seriously the holidays always sneak up on me and I'm never ready. I'm just happy that I got the tree out. (I know the angel is lopsided, but let's be honest, that's how I feel, lol)
Okay, so pretending I have my life together, I have come up with some great outfit ideas for any occasion you might face. From Ugly Sweater Parties to Christmas morning. Here are some outfit ideas that will make the season a little bit brighter. 
Ugly Sweater  Fun fact: I hate ugly sweater. I am not a fan in any way shape or form and have actually given my friend Dan shit for his ugly sweater (to be fair it was horrible). Then again I almost bought a Darth Vader ugly sweater but it is beside the point.  In any case, if you are asked to attend an ugly sweater party, or a silly family…

Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up strinngggg, these are a few of my favorite thingggggs 
Hello loves! Yes, it's the holidays, a time of Christmas lights, baking cookies, and listening to Christmas songs like that (yes I know Sound of Music isn't a Christmas movie, but it kinda is). Actually if it were me singing this song it be more like: frosting on cookies and words well written, leopard print pattern on everything-these are a few of my favorite things. 

Not gonna lie guys, this sucked the big one, it was just terrible from start to finish and I'm hoping to God that one day I'll look back on this shitty year and laugh, but for now 2017: suck it.
  HOWEVER I'm really trying hard to be positive so I decided to do a Few of my favorite things about this years, cool stuff I read, outfits I slayed, and products that I liked and just some cool positive stuff that I've tried to find in this shitty year, because darn it I'm go…

Winterizing Your Summer Wardrobe

Hello loves! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, let me tell you. I've had a couple major life changes that I think are for the better, but I'm in a rocky adjustment period. Thank you guys for all the love!
    Anyway, back to blogging, as you probably know by now I am not a fan of winter. It doesn't like me and I certainly don't like it. It's cold, it's dark and just plain gloomy. Pass! I live in Upstate New York, where we get a lot of Canada winds so the winters are cold and snowy AF.
   Another major thing I distain about winter is that clothing options are so limited. Truth me folks, there is nothing sadder than watching me put away all my pretty summer dresses, shorts and tank tops away in favor of long sleeves and sweaters.  Not that I hate long sleeves or sweaters, but they get boring after awhile. And I know you can dress outfits up with scarfs but I'm honestly getting bored with scarfs being the savior of my outfits. So, I put the ole' noddl…