Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Dress For Your First Adult Job

Hey lovelies! Your girl here with some exciting news! I got a new job! As of Wednesday, I am the new writer for Manchester Newspapers which is a newspaper organization made up of several small presses in New York and Vermont. I basically re-write press releases and make them into longer pieces and do feature articles. It's an interesting job so far, and it still gives me time to focus on my freelance work and creative writing (aka get my book published!!).

While this is not "technically" my first adult job, it is my first job away from professional tutoring, which I had been doing for years, so it's a little nerve wracking. Especially the day of the interview where I stood in front of my closet thinking "What the hell do I wear?" So I made this handy guide for how to dress for your first adult job. Though this guide could be used for first internships or any new work environment. So let's get started!

The Basics

So you nailed that interview and got the job, or you're about to go in for your interview, What do you wear? An age old question that has doomed busy morning and cluttered clean floor with clothes. You want to make a good impression and you want to feel as confident as possible as well as professional. Well with most "adulting" positions there is a certain standard of dress code that can be broken up into three different categories: business casual, smart casual, and business.

Business Casual: Or as I like to call it "Everyday+" because it's your everyday style just cleaned up a bit. You don't have to go extreme with it, but there is some rules you need to follow:

  • For the girls: Dress pants or skirts are perfectly acceptable with a nice blouse. The skirt should be either pencil skirt a full a-line skirt that should go either to the knees are a little bit before. If you don't have a skirt with that length, pair with some black leggings. No t-shirts or regular jeans, but there is exceptions to this rule. Dark blue or black skinny jeans with a fitted tee under a tailored blazer should be fine, but I would wait a few weeks to see if that's acceptable for work. Dress shoes like flats, heels or penny loafers. No sneakers unless you have a job that requires them. 
  • For the guys: A nice part of khakis with a polo or button down shirt should do the trick. Like with the gals no sneakers, instead go with dress shoes or loafers. No jeans or tee shirts. You also don't need a jacket or a tie with business casual. For some added fun (and a conversation starter) get a shirt with a fun pattern on it. 
  • Business casual is typically for laid back offices or places where you don't typically interact with the public or for internships. 
Smart Casual: This a bit fancier version of work wear. It's kinda the love child between business casual and straight up business. They have more rules but also more options.

  • For the girls: This is the style you can play with a bit. Dresses are fine, just make sure they aren't cocktail dresses or disco ball dresses (if you would wear it on a second or third date don't wear it to work). Dress type would be pencil dress, flowy a-line, rockabilly, etc. Nothing with too much a plunging neckline.  Nice slacks or skirts will work with a nice patterned blouse. With any skirt, you need to wear either leggings or stockings. For an added touch you can wear a fitted blazer and a nice cardigan. The shoe rule is the same with all of these. 
  • For the guys: Okay now we're getting into my favorite look on a guy: Button down shirt, dark blue jeans (fitted!!!), sport coat and dress shoes. Absolutely my favorite look on a guy and the easiest way to my heart. You can play with this look by adding khakis, trousers, vest (make sure the vest matches your sport coat and/or sport coat)
Business: Okay this is your classic "Business person" look, think board meetings. Chances are your first job will not need business wear, but if you're climbing that corporate ladder, you're going to need to know this. 
  •  For the girls: This is the Hillary Clinton pantsuit time ya'll! Or a dress/shirt set with a suit jacket. The suit should be black, grey, navy blue or brown. The button down blouse can be a pattern or a different color. If you aren't sure, black and white is always your safest bet. Heels, no way of getting around that. Flats don't break the glass ceiling!!
  • For the guys: Business suit and tie, same color as the ladies. You can either have your shirt patterned or your tie patterned NOT BOTH!!! Dress shoes, black is your best bet. 
If you're not sure what your office dress code is, just ask! It's a normal question and it will give you time to shop for what your company wants. If you're just into your interview or forgot to ask, the best bet is to go with smart casual until you get a "feel" for the office.This will give you time do adjust your "work look" and your closet (shopping time!). 

So here is my First Day of work look!
As you can see I picked a dress (because when the heck won't I wear a dress?) It's a simple cold shoulder dress that goes a little past the needs, simple jewelry. I actually got this dress from K-mart (I know right?) and it's so comfy and it it's really flattering and professional. My job is pretty casual (one girl was even wearing shorts) But when does that stop me to dressing up? My shoes are pictured below because they didn't fit in the picture. 

See how the heel matches the dress but are still neutral!!! Not to toot my own horn but sometimes I amaze myself. Also, you can all make fun of me that I paired a k-mart dress with Isaac Mizrahi shoes but I got them both on sale. Anyway, this is a good example of popping color and personality into your work life.


  • ALWAYS IRON YOUR STUFF!!!!! I know this sounds like an easy rule but I've seen so many people not do this and it hurts! Nothing kills a rocking outfit more than wrinkles. We are adults people (or trying to be!) we CAN'T keep leaving our nice work clothes on "the chair". If you can't iron or don't own one, invest in a steamer or you can hang up your clothes after taking them out of the washer, that way the air drys your clothes instead of the dryer creating wrinkles. But please, don't wear wrinkled clothes, especially to your job interview. I'm a hot mess, but no one needs to know. 
  • Jewelry Okay so the rule is jewelry is that you want to wear ONE statement piece: big necklace, large dangling earrings, a fancy scarf, etc. Like quirky prints, this could be a cool conversation starter when you're getting to know people. You DO NOT want to wear anything that makes a lot of noise like charm bracelets, especially when your job involves typing in a cubicle because EVERYONE going to be looking at you and get nicknamed: loud AF person. 
  • Dress for your work environment! Every office will be different and ask for different things. My office is super cold, like Arctic weather cold, which means on my first day of work I froze in my pink little dress. So now, all my work outfits need to be paired with a cardigan. You can also leave a jacket or sweater at your desk if you don't share your desk with others. You could have the opposite problems where your office is boiling and you need to wear sleeveless things or carry a hand held fan. If you work at your desk a lot but also have to go to meetings, bring two pairs of shoes: flats at your desk, heels to your meeting. 
  • Don't forget the everyday things!! Don't forget to pack things that you need for your job. Do you need a work bag? Do you travel a lot during the day or do you stay at the office? I'm a writer so I normally bring a notebook and a couple pens to work. I also don't drive and theirs no cafe or lunch area at or near my job so I just pack a lunch and eat at my desk. I carry my lunch in this super cute purse that's ALSO A LUNCH BAG!!! 
     It's cute and practical and I love it! So don't forget the essential things you need whether it's a lunch bag, a sweater, notebooks, spare changes. Kinda just anything to get you through the day. Maybe invest in a work bag that different from you regular bag to keep all your work needs.

    Okay lovelies! That's all the tips and tricks I have for you today? Do you have any? Leave a message in the comments, I love to learn! And for those of you who scored their first job and/or internship, congratulations!!! If you haven't, you will, I believe in the you you are, and the you you can be!! Just keep going, we all find our way.
    Stay Stylin'

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Modcloth Stylish Surprise (March)

Hey Lovies! Hope everyone spring break is going well! (Spring break has become less fun now that I work at a college because I miss a week of pay. :/) But I'm actually kicking off my break with something awesome! ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Yes, I am a sucker for ModCloth Russian Roulette-I mean Stylish Surprise. For the folks at home who haven't heard of Stylish Surprise,  It's something that the clothing site ModCloth does every few months where they offer their beautiful(and pricey) dress, apparel, shoes, jewelry and apartment items for super low prices. Dress are $20, Apparel is $15, Shoes and apartment items are $10 and Jewelry(a new category) for $5. The catch? You have no item what your getting. You pick the size and that's it. You could get something you love, or you can get something you hate. Russian Roulette man.

I've done the Stylish Suprise twice now(see old posts). The first time I only ordered a dress and it was good, it was actually my graduation dress. The second time I order a dress and the shoes, and they were okay but not something I love or wear a lot. So this time (lucky number 3) I ordered a dress and a piece of jewelry and waited by the mailbox with a lot of nerves.

The Results? The best ever.

The Dress 
( I know, I know my face looks horrible, Ignore me and look at the dress!) Holy Banana Pancakes is this not the most beautiful dress you've ever seen in your life?!?! I almost cried when I took it out it was so pretty! This is ModCloth original brand dress called "What's the Zeal1? Floral Dress in Flower Box(perfectly named) in Extra Small(I've gone down a dress size) This dress was originally $139.99 that I got for 20 bucks!!!!!! This would be worth every penny of the original price.  Its satin-y with a full lining, the red belt comes off so you can use the belt for anything. And the best part? It has          pockets!!! It's a fancy pocket pocket dress!!! It's my dress to have a fancy pocket dress and now I have it!!! I can die happy (or at least less bitter). Seriously, I need a fancy place/event to go to now to wear it(pffftt like I need an excuse to wear a fancy dress). Seriously, 11/10. My new favorite dress!

The Jewelry
 My thought process behind me buying the Jewelry surprise was the I love their jewelry but I didn't want to pay their prices so why not? Whats five dollars? Well, five dollars paid for the prettiest earrings. This is called "Under Lock and Tree" Earrings that are originally $24.99. They are from a company called Mata Traders which, originally to the ModCloth page " Feminist-minded Mata Traders fights poverty through the employment and empowerment for the craftswomen in India and Nepal who create their fair-trade, handmade products."
This is a HUGGGGGGEEEE win my book. The earring are actually super light weight, and most of my closet is black and white its a huge win. 

Final Thoughts
This was probably the best Stylish Surprise I've ever gotten. Everything was beautiful and I loved everything and I know I'll use it. Third time is the charm. So check Modcloth and subribe to their email list to find out their next stylish suprise, you might win big. 

Stay Stylin'

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why I haven't been on in forever.

Hey lovelies! It's been a while, a long while. If your reading this right now, you are you are truly the real deal loyal, and I'm grateful for you. I could give you some line about being super busy with the "Real World" or just simply ignore my absent and continue with another post and go on with life as normal, the latter being a typical method for me throughout my existence.

But the real reason I haven't been on? I've been fucking depressed.

For most of my life, I've struggled with depression(I've often joked that I've majored in it) and an eating disorder, both of which has taken over the scope of my life since graduation and living at home again. For the past few months, I've tried to fight it, made very intense efforts to try to control and heal my mental health issues, but the more I've tried to heal, the more my life seemed to continue to unravel. My self-esteem, my confidence, my self-worth, all of which has never been high, or even in a "healthy range" had taken a major knock-out hit and I'm still kinda on the floor from it. It became almost impossible to do this blog; I acted so happy and cheerful all the time on here, and it became harder and harder to pull that act onto here, when I was doing that all the time in my regular life. Acting happy at my job, my home life, my relationships; to do this online was to wear out exhausted self, and honestly, it felt a little phony.

And, a couple weeks ago I "dropped my basket" which is my cute way of saying I had a huge fucking mental breakdown and relapsed back into my anorexia after a physically and emotional four-month struggle for recovery.

I feel like a failure to be honest with you dears. I am not at all happy with how I ended it like this. I am dissatisfied with my current employment, my miserable at home, and I just feel very lonely, and not at feeling like I'm living a life. I've tried to get out, but all the doors turn into walls. I continue to try, but it's harder when you constantly feel like you're drowning.

This is not at all suppose to be a doom and gloom post. They're are some good things in my life. I will be teaching my first creative writing workshop tomorrow, which I am very excited and nervous for. I finished my second full draft of my novel, and after the my beta readers are finished, I will make the final edits and starts sending them out to publishers and face regret and maybe some success. I also started writing another book, a novella of short stories with a central theme(more on this in future posts).

So why am I back now, after dropping my basket? I don't know, it feels right? I don't know what I want I want this blog to be anyone, more than fashion I know that (though there will be fashion post I promise), but I know I want to continue with this. I don't know if I need some kind of creative outlet, to leave some kind of record of what's happening to me,  or just another empty void to shout into. But I want to continue this, and finally be honest about me and my life (not fun, but mine). And I hope you, dear reader, stick by me as I try to re-find my voice after keeping it locked up for so long, and I hope you support me dear reader as I learn to breath under water. Love ya guys.

Stay tuned, and stay stylin'

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lost In Austen LitCube Review

Hey Lovies! Long time, no post! But I promise this post will be worth the wait because what a dozzey this post is. OMG where do I start? Okay so rewinded a few months ago in July, the subscription box Litcube was having an exclusive One Time only called "Lost in Austen" box. Now, as you can tell by some of my post in the past that I am a huge Jane Austen lover, not to mention that I've been following Litcube forever so I thought I would give it a try. Not to mention the fact that ChickLit Design (which I love) was suppose to partner with them, which it a-mazing! With all those factors I paid 45 dollars for a box that would arrive in September.

It's October.

Now, Litcube has had a lot of problems between July and now. The partner ship with Litcube and ChickLit Designs fell through because the company that was making there product scammed them out of a lot of money. Not to mention the whole hurricane Matthew thing. LitCube has been through a lot. And, while I was really disappointed about not getting a ChickLit Design idea, I was really excited for this box.

Okay so the box looks super pretty. The writing is a really nice touch and very Austen. 
The very first thing I notice when I opened the box wasn't the contents but the smell. Like a weird sickening sweet strawberry scent. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Maybe like a strawberry Jolly Rancher that was left out in the sun for too long. That what it smells like. Which is fine at first but after like 5 minutes I was getting a headache.
The source of the smell was this

This is apparently a wax crumble for like wax warmers. Lucky for me, I got a wax warmer last Christmas and always looking for more scents. Also the scent is a little too strong that I don't want my room to smells like a overripe jolly rancher. Also wax crumble? Wax melts I can understand, wax crumbles just seem really messy. And there just in a plastic bag with a flimsy label. Honestly it looks a lot like the wax crumble that was in LitCube's Star Hollow box last month. Little shady. I went on wax where this apparently from and theres nothing on this site that looks like that. It looks like they took a bunch of wax melts and broke them up so it would be cheaper. Double shady.
(Value I found online:6 bucks)

So all LitCubes are suppose to come with something readable, wearable and snackable. This is the readable. Okay, so you know how they have like literary adaption of TV shows and Movies (like movie first then book.) like High School Musical books. Apparently they do that to YouTube series now because I'm now the owner of "The Secret Diary of Little Bennet" based on the YouTube series I watched three years ago. I'm a little bummed about the book because I really expecting a Jane Austen novel, like the covers that LitCube sells. But no. Also super disappointed now that I've learn that LitCube uses BookOutlet for there books when there on sale. I did not pay 45 dollars for a BookOutlet book (not that I don't love you BookOutlet, but I'm going to spend 45 I would get a lot of books from you, not just one). Value: 3.99

Now, I love a good mug. For the amount of coffee and hot chocolate I drink I need all the mugs I can get. However, when I opened the mug from the box, it was sticky, like really sticky with residue all over the rim of the cup which is super gross. Where is it from? How did it get there? Super gross. Also the quote on the mug "Know your own happiness" is very hard to see because it looked like it was scratched on. A cool idea would be to put a pack of markers in the boxes so it could be like a "design your own mug" or "fill in the quote" and I suppose I could design this mug myself, but since it's covered with some foreign sticky stuff, I really don't know what to do with it and I don't want to touch it. I have no idea what the value could be on this because theres no content card with this box.

Okay so I am a journal HORDER! I love journals, I have a dozen already and I was totally cool with having two more in my favorite color. The tiny one says "There is no charm equal to the tenderness of the heart" So that's pretty cool. The larger one just says Pride and Prejudice which is a little odd, mainly because I thought it was the book at first. My problem is the large brown mole like stain on the Pride and Prejudice book. That's how it came to me. Gross. Also look at the pages.

They look a little wrinkled, like someone spilled water on them. Not cool. I don't know the value on this either because again, no produce tag.

So this is the big ticket item of the boxes. LitCube own creation LitCuties. The concept is that it's like a plush POP figure but of literature characters. I love all three of those things, so I was actually excited for this. Originally the box was only suppose to have Elizabeth Bennett, but since the ChickLit Design thing fell through, we got Darcy as well. Now, when I think of a plushie, I think of something soft and huggable. Elizabeth hair is huggable. That's about it. Lizzie head is super flimsy and her body is not very soft at all and her dress is very flimsy as well. Darcy whole body is stiff and curved forever at a angle. They're kinda cute but I wouldn't pay the 29.99 they're being sold at. Before I got my box I was really tempted to pre-order the Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester LitCutie because they're my personal OTP, but after getting this I don't believe there worth the money.

The box was advertises to be a 100 dollar value but from the values I can find it only adds up to be worth 39 dollars, less than what I payed for. Honestly I feel there is no really theme to this book, other than vaguely Austen. Honestly it feels more a Dollar General sale bin then a book box and probably the worst subscription box I've received. I've never been more disappointed and more ripped off.
I'm apparently not the only one who was disappointed with their boxes. Many people have taken to Instagram to complain about their boxes which apparently has pissed off the owner of LitCube who posted on Instagram yesterday saying "Kind words cost nothing" and basically goes on to say that she lost a lot of money making these boxes and everyone should be nice to her. On one hand, I feel really bad that she lost thousand of dollars on this, but at the same time, this is a business and this happens sometimes in business and sometimes you get bad reviews and you shouldn't censor people or make people who payed for your product feel bad for not liking it. So I wrote this:

"Kind words cost nothing but people paid 40 something dollars for this box and they are allowed to have their own opinions on what they paid for. I'm sorry for what happened to you, it's a bad situation and I think we all tried to be understanding. However, the buyer has the right to share their opinion about what they paid for without having to be guilted over not liking something they spent money on"

LitCube immediate blocked me after I posted my comment. Like in the span of five minutes. This is the first time I've ever been blocked, by a business no less. Not gonna lie, I feel pretty bad ass. Like my reviews are so deadly, people block me. Apparently I'm not the only one who's been blocked by LitCube. Everyone who has posted a negative review has been blocked by LitCube which is honesty the most immature and shady thing you can do as a small business. By saying that you only want good reviews and blocking all others is a very telling sign that you don't really believe in your product and you know that it's bad. It's censorship and a little bit of lying. If she was really overwhelmed by this box she should have canceled and give everyone a refund, or give them a coupon of a free box in the month of their choosing. But don't make it seem like it's our fault for not liking a product that was not worth the money we paid. My stuff is damaged and she not going to do anything about it? Super Shady.
So, my lovely readers, take my advice and stay the heck away from LitCube and their shady boxes.

So what do you think? Was I too harsh? What is your opinion on the Lost in Austen box or LitCube in general. Have you been banned by LitCube? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Stylin'

Friday, September 9, 2016

First day of work Selfie + Mod Cloth Stylish Surprise

Hey lovelies! Sorry for the looooong hiatus, this summer has been a little...odd. My last semester of college was a little...stressful and I think I took the summer to really process everything.  I was also going through a lot with my relationship, so it was really hard to put on a happy face for the blog.  But, I do have good news! After almost four summer, I finished the first draft of my novel

There's going to be a lot of editing and a lot of hard work to make this perfect, but I'm excited about the next steps in this journey.

In other news, I started my new job yesterday! I am a professional Reading and Writing Tutor at the community college I used to go too before getting my bachelors. It's weird being back on campus not being a student, but looking hella like a student. Also I'm hard core missing SUNY Potsdam, so it made me miss it more. But here is my first day of work outfit.

Someday I would like to take a picture where I am not looking low-key miserable and look like one of my legs is thicker then then the other(fun-fact:there not!)
Anywayyyy: my dress is from JCPenny's and I love it because it's the the perfect color for fall it's super comfy.
I also took part in another ModCloth Stylish surprise. If you guys remember,  I did this in May and I really liked it so I thought I would do it again, only this time I got a dress and shoes.
The Dress

This dress, Which I got for 20 buck is a OH MY LOVE London dress (called Stayin' Alice). When I first pulled it out of the box, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but trying it on I really loved it. It was the prefect flapper dress. I was hoping for a work dress but this would be great for a date night or a 1920's party. It was originally 105 bucks so I say it was a steal

These shoes I got for 10 bucks are Qupid Archer sandals which I found on Amazon for 17 bucks. I was really hoping for heels (like always) but these are super cute comfy and I like that it kinda matches the dress. Would I have bought it on my own, nope. But I think I can make it fit into my closet.
Total everything I got is worth 120 bucks so I got a really good deal. Would I have picked this myself? Probably not, but I really liked everything, and seeing some reviews on instagram and reddit, It could have been much worst.
Have you tried Modcloth Stylish Surprise? Tell me your experience in the comments below.

Stay Stylin'

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sense and Sensibly stylish

Hey lovelies! I'm back with part 2 of my Jane Austen fashion series! I'm going to do another one of my Austen favorite: Sense and Sensibility. This is Jane's first published work and my first attempt a men's fashion! So lets get to it!
(Psssttt: If you missed Pride & Prejudices click here)

Elinor Dashwood

Elinor Dashwood is the one with the common sense in the Dashwood group. She's the one who keep a level head, even when her man was being shady as hell. Elinor doesn't want any fancy bright color, she was comfy shoes and a nice handbag.

Marianne Dashwood

Oh Marianne, what ever are we going to do with you? You are straight up the typical teenage stereotype: Head over heals for the charming bad boy and almost die when he dumps you. Marianne is youthful, so the sky-high heels, flower dress, and this cute purse go great with her personality. Sire she grows up at the end, but right now she's forever young.

Edward Ferrars

Out of all of Jane Austen's male love interest, Edward Ferrars is my least favorite. Maybe because I have a strong thing against momma's boy (Long story, high school suxed) But as fair as Austen men go entirely, he's okay. Kinda boring, kinda waited for mom to find him a job, drags his feet on marrying Elinor, and has a whole secret engagement he kinda forgot about. But hey, it's super loyal and honorable in the end. Could Elinor do better, probably. But hey, #betterthanwickham.

John Wiloughby

Boy, what can a girl a say about John Willoughby? When I putting together Wiloughby outfit, I thought to myself: "What would a punk-ass douche bag wear?" this is what I came up with. Wiloughby is really a rough draft version of George Wickham we see in P&P but with one thing different: a redeemable moment. My favorite part in Sense and Sensibility is when we all think Marianne dying, he comes in and apologizes for being a piece of shit and said he should have treated her better. And this leaves her alone forever. It's perfect. It's something that every girl wants after a bad breakup: "I loved you, i'm sorry, I'm an asshole I'm leaving forever" It's honestly a perfect sense.

Colonel Brandon

I have a weird love for Colonel Brandon. Is he too old for Marianne? Maybe. Does he have a screwed up dating history and totes hot for damsels in distress? For sure. But this man has style.

So there we have it. This weeks, Jane Austen fashion. Love it? Hate it? Have a suggestion? Tell me in the comments! And check out my Polyvore page more great style at flymetothemoon23

Stay Stylin'

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fandom of the Month Club Review

Hey Lovelies! It's review time! Today I'm going to be review the Fandom of the Month Club June box.                                                                                                                                                            

Fandom of the month club is a monthly jewelry subscription box that does a different fandom every month. You normally get 3-4 pieces of jewelry. It's by the same person who runs The Geeky Cauldron online fandom jewelry store with some really cool fandom jewelry (I will get my hands on their time turner, I swear by all that is fashionable) Each month is normally a surprise but they sometimes put clubs on their Facebook or if it's a huge theme, they'll tell you on Instagram. June's theme was The Wizard of Oz so I knew I had to get it. I'm a HUGE fan of The Wizard of Oz. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and one of my favorite book series so I knew this had to be mine. I mean the book/movie about footwear people! Plus it's only 13 dollars a month with a coupon code for free ship so it was one of the cheapest subscription boxes I've ever gotten. So lets see what's inside

Inside the Box:
(Side note: This box was super duper hard to open, it had so much tape on it)

So every fandom of the month club box comes with a post card telling you a little bit about the brand and who works on it and a magnet about that relates to the fandom. Both of these were created by @halfbloodprints and are really cute. Who doesn't love toto?

All the jewelry come in this cute little pouch made by @sandsink which is such a cute idea. I kinda wish that picked another quote from the book like: "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others"  or "I shall take the heart. For brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world." but it's still a nice quote. I'll totally use this bag to put makeup or bracelets in while traveling. 

Okay so I had mixed feelings about the earrings at first. I didn't really care for the blue gingham print and the red earrings annoying because I know this is a play on Dorothy outfit but in the book Dorothy had sliver shoes. They only made it ruby in the movie because movies in color were so new that they really to show off the color. But when I them on they were super compfy. Like the some comfortable pair of studs evah! These are perfect for summer because I hate wearing heavy earring in the summer.  I think I might mix and match them together

The necklace was in the previews of the box on Facebook and one of the reasons why I bought it. I thought it was a really fun and neat idea to have the crew together on the necklace. However, the next lace is super sharp and point when I took it out of the bag. Like the Tin mans head cut my finger and it bled, owwie! It's also a little bigger then I expected and it can be a little bit hard to style. I still think it's a really cute idea, but the necklace I have to handle with safely.

And finally the bracelet. I thought the cuff was a really cool idea, playing on the yellow brick road theme, but this bracelet was really disappointing. It doesn't fit! The bracelet was too big on my small wrist that I can't do anything with it on without it falling off. Like, what if I'm putting my hands up in the air like I just don't care and if falls off and hits someone. That's a lawsuit. Also, while I really liked the "follow the yellow brick road" I really wish it wasn't inside the bracelet, because who's going to see? Really disappointed that I can't wear this piece.

Final thoughts:
I really wanted to like this box, but one of the necklaces cut me and I can't use the bracelet. Also I was kinda disappointed that there no flying monkey's or Glinda in this box. However, I would still give this box a try for the price and the cool theme, you might have better luck then I do. July theme has been revealed and it's Hogwarts so that's pretty cool. Have you tried Fandom of the Month Club before? What was your experience? Tell me in the comment.
Stay Stylin'