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What I'm Loving (July Edition)

Hey loves! So much as been going on lately, this summer has been bananas regarding work. In case I haven't mentioned this before, I'm a freelance writer and I'm currently a contributor at OutLoud Magazine and, along pitching articles at a bunch of other places, keeping me writing almost constantly. I love that I get to write about things like witchcraft and numerology, things that everyone used to roll there eyes at me over and get paid for it. Who's laughing now?

I'm getting sidetracked. So I thought I end the month with a roundup of things I'm loving right now because while I've been crazy busy I did I have time to enjoy things (okay mainly shop).

So here's what I can't stop talking about right now:

Tie Front Dresses 

Omg, I'm so in love with this trend guys I can't even help myself. Tie front dresses are the must have for the summer I can't even stop myself from looking at them I'm so in love. I currently have three t…

Fashion meets Fandom: Game of Thrones

Hey loves! Hope everyone is doing swell as we reaching the middle of summer. Six more weeks till fall *sobbing*. I've been super busy doing the writing thang, and trying to figure the help out of my life thing (both have their fair share of challenges). I'm a contributing writer for now so like, that's pretty rad. I get to write about tarot, and crystals, and all things metaphysical. Rad.

Anywhos', I thought about doing something a little different this week and combined  two of my favorite things: fandoms and creating outfits on Polyvore (rip). Before Polyvore tragically died and made me sad for the rest of my life, I create outfits based on Game of Throne Houses (yayyy!!!) and I'm gonna share that with you now!
At this point who isn’t obsessed with Game of Thrones? It’s one of those shows where even if you haven’t watched it, you know enough from media that you can basically piece together what happened. Personally, I read the book series Songs of F…

Summer Self-Care Tips For Body Positivity

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July, even though this country is turning into a giant tire fire as of late. I am--not well. Well, I'm not feeling my best self lately. I had a mini-relapse over the last few weeks and ended up buying Weight Watchers (fun fact: I've been on and off weight watchers since I was 4) and let me tell you, it's been horrible. Diet programs are very much like abusive relationships: they make you feel terrible and worthless but it's almost impossible for you to leave. I've just been dealing with a lot of insecurity issues. I've been writing a lot about my illness lately and then I look at my body and see myself eating and I think I don't look thin enough to have an ED, and just a lot of bad thoughts.  Summer is my absolute favorite season, but it is also the season the brings up my body dysmorphia. So I'm dealing with that. It's a thing.

The term "body positivity" has been really charged lately, due to di…

Packing for a weekend getaway.

Hey loves! How's your week going? It is an easy 90 degrees here and I love it. Seriously I adore the heat, the hotter the better. This past weekend I've been in the pool (current temp is 86 degrees) and reading in the shade. I've just finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and I'm currently reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. It's so lovely outside I never want to leave.

So early last month, I was sitting on my bed, travel bag open, trying to figure out what the heck to pack for my trip to the city. It was a week of packing, and planning, and re-packing and re-planning, and nearly pulling out my hair trying to get ready for a weekend trip. I vowed never to let anyone suffer like I had, so, to save you the heartache. Here are some handy dandy tips on how to pack for a weekend trip.

Plan Out Everything You'll be doing on the trip 
A good first step in packing is knowing what you'll be packing for.  I mean, how do you know what to wear if you don't …