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Body Positivity Chat

Hey loves! Sorry I went M.I.A  last week and missed last weeks blog. I had a lot going on last Monday and it was all super emotional and mixed into the blues I get when the season changes (it's so cold here and it gets dark at 4 p.m. and it's all ugh) so I took a little self-care week, and while I don't feel completely healed from, but I'm ready to blog again though I'm going to ease myself into things since I'm still a touch raw.
So today I want to talk about something I've been struggling with all of my life, what most people have or currently struggling with: Body Positivity.

I've never been happy with how my body looked. Hell, I've hated my thighs since I was four and have been counting calories since I was 18. My obsession to have the "perfect body" couple with my need for control when I felt I was not in control have completely taken over my life. I've lost and gain and lost again over 20 pounds still haven't found happiness …

Fashion Playlist

Hey Stunners! How's the start of your November going so far? I'm currently doing NaNoWriMo, which is the first time I'm "officially" doing it and let me tell you folk, it's intense. I'm currently I'm 9,043 words, and going! Lol, please send coffee and help.  (ugh my arms, yuck!)
Okay, remember how last week I was addicted to making mood boards? Well this week you have to indulge in my love of creating playlists (hey, you voted for this!). I made a fall travel playlist for my job at TravelPride and I had so much fun with I thought I would do one for here. Normally when I'm doing photo shoots for the blog I'm listening to music, to kinda pump me up and feeling good about the shoot. I also listen to certain music while getting ready or trying on outfits. I often fall very quickly into body shaming myself or feeling self-conscious about myself when getting ready, trying on clothes, or taking photos for the blog, so having fun, high energy music, r…