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What would Jane Austen Characters wear today?"

Hey Lovelies! As some of you may have guessed, I'm kinda a book nerd (okay I'm a HUGE book nerd) and one of my favorite authors is Jane Austen. I adore Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. I love these characters so much that I got to thinking "What would these women wear today?" So, I broke out the old Polyvore account (Flymetothemoon) and decided to create my own outfit for I think these character's would be wearing in 2016. I'll be starting first with Jane Austen most recognized novel Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennet 

Okay, Lizzie Bennet is a straight up English major. There is no if, ands. or buts about, if Lizzie Bennet was around in 2016 she would totes be hanging out in the English lounge, reading her Lit homework and shhh other people who are talking to loud. I feel like Elizabeth is an easy going girl when it comes to style and doesn't like to fuss. Skinny jeans, converse, and a cofy cardigan is all a gi…

What you do when life is not what you expected

Hello lovelies. Sorry for being a little MIA here. So much as been going on in my life lately, like the fact that I'm a college graduate now! Well, technically I was already a college graduate from Community College, but now I have Bachelors in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at SUNY Potsdam! *throws confetti* And that's all great and everything but now I'm thinking...what comes next? Which explains the title of this post.

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm in a tiny bit of a crisis mode. Let me backtrack here, I'm almost always  in a tiny bit of a crisis mode, but this crisis mode is sponsored by: the upcoming, scary-as-hell future. So, as I mention before a couple times on the blog, I had been looking at graduate schools. Well, I got into three of them: Matthanville, Emerson, and The New School. For anyone who knows me in real life, knows how much I loved Emerson College. It's located in Boston and it's absolutely m dream school. I wanted to go there since high …