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Am I Preppy yet?

Hey Lovelies! Welcome back to the second post of the Am I...yet? series! I'm so happy and trilled about the feedback that I have received from first post and hope for many more, I love when people comment on my posts! Also you can always create you're own preppy or edgy looks and post them on instagram using the hashtag #sarcasminheels. I would love to seed how you rock your style!
Anyway onto the post.

The term preppy comes from private, university-preparatory or prep schools that rich young students usual attend. Think of it as school chic or Old money high. There is some class and tradition that go hand and hand with this style. While when we think preppy we tend to think of it as dressing like a snob or spending a lot of money.(As if!) Neither of those things are true. You can dress preppy without breaking the bank and there is no fashion rule saying you look and act sweet. 
Some pop culture examples of the preppy style are....

Gossip Girl Queen B Bair Waldorf

American's …

Am I Edgy yet?

Hey fashion friend! Ellen here with a new blog post set called the "Am I... (blank) yet?" series where I'll give you tips and tricks on how to become a certain style whether it's preppy, boho, retro, and today's style...edgy! The edgy style request comes from my best friend Kaitlyn.

Okay so there are a ton of media examples of the edgy dress style. There's Jenny Humphery from the TV show Gossip Girl (also real life Taylor Momsen)

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus

and Singer/Actress Demi Lovato

These and other famous figures can be your guide or "fashion icon" for you to get inspiration for your own outfits.
Now lets get down to business of being on the edge. First you need to get color palette set.
Color Palette
Know the edgy style has four  main colors:

Black WhiteRed Gunmetal grey These are the colors that you'll wear the most in this style because they're dark and go great together. You can occasional add a dark purple, but mainly it's jus…

Trends for July!

Hey fashion friends! So for the long time, no post. I've been super  busy working on my novel and crying over Go Set A Watchman (Don't worry you'll here all about it--Or maybe you should be worried) Anyway here are my trends for July!!

Jumpsuit I love 70's fashion! I loved That 70's Show and American Hustle mainly because of the fashion, my favorite being jumpsuit which I'm super happy is coming back in style. They're so perfect! It's both a shirt and pants so you don't have to waste all that energy putting them on separately! Jumpsuit are prefect for going out to dinner, running errands or just hanging out with your girls!
Lace shorts  Okay, I'll admit it, I wasn't the hugest fan of lace shorts when I first saw them. The first few I tried on were baggy and the lace wasn't where I quite wanted it. However, I've grown to love this trend! July is shorts weather, no if, ands or buts about it and while denim shorts are great and go along w…