The Witches Moon: August Box: Review

Hey loves! Welcome to August, where all the stores have Halloween decorations our in the front and the Christmas decorations in the back. I like August, not only because I can have pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups by the pool in my swimsuit, but it's also my birthday month! Am I the only one who treats their birthday month as a whole month to just splurge on themselves? Just me? Okay...
Anyway, I'm not the only person splurging on myself, my bestie Kat has been legit spoiling me with her gift game this year. This year she even has a theme: witchcraft! And her gift has been awesome. As many of you know, I have an addiction to subscription boxes, Kat also knows this. She's looked all over the web and picked out the perfect witchy description box: The Witches Moon Box, which I had been dying to try(but she didn't know that).
It did not disappoint.


The Witches Moon is a monthly subscription box that supplies you tons of witchy goodies that help you practice your craft. Unlike most "witchy" boxes that give a more mainstream and kinda "fake" witch items, this is the real deal giving you herbs, crystals, and even a page out of the Book of Shadow. According to their "About Us" page, "Subscribers will receive a spiritually inspired box each month. The Witches Moon Subscription includes carefully picked and handcrafted materials that correlate with the distinct powers of each moon and time of year to amplify your ritual's impact" Each box includes 10-20 items and has a different theme each month. August theme is "Goddess Energy" which was the perfect theme for me right now.

When I opened the book, the first thing that hit me was the SMELL. I was instantly taken back to my favorite shop in my college town: Misty Hallow, which was a witchy hobby shop. It closed down the year after I graduated and the smell of the box gave me a way of the FEELS.
Also on top of the box, was a note from Kat (who had purchased for me as a gift) that they wrote and put on top of the box which I thought was a really nice touch.

The box comes with a cool parament note detailing everything in the box and what they represent, which I thought was a really cool touch. It also comes with a blank piece of parchment to write your own spells or intentions which I thought was really cool.

So let's get to the items!
I. Sacred Spiral Goddess Altar Statue 

I've never had an altar statue before so I'm really excited to add this to my little make-shift altar. The theme of the month is goddess energy with a focus on the three goddesses "the maid, the mother, and the croon" which is apart of Wiccan that I really resonate with, so I'm really happy with this box. The tree represents deep roots and connection while the circle represents self-knowledge. The quote that goes with this statue is "She Who Creates From Her Own Sources" which I'm really connecting too right now.
II Cresent Moon Goddess Pendant With Necklace 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know the quickest way into my heart is through jewelry. I CRAVE jewelry in subscription boxes and are always ranked higher when they are included. I was so so happy when I got a necklace in this box. I love necklaces, and more importantly, I love WITCHY necklaces. Most of my Wiccan necklaces came from Misty Hallows (RIP), including my own "maid, mother, and croon" necklace, so I happy I got something pretty different. This pendant was made for the Witches Moon box which I think is cool, and is suppose to represents the power and control we have over ourselves. You can charge this necklace with oils and scents to program this necklace to bring you flowing magic and pure energy. This is meant to be a token of self-power and confidence, which I REALLY need right now. I have charged this yet but I will tomorrow so I edit this to tell you my results. Overall it's a really pretty necklace.
III "Come To Me" Magickal Aura Spray 

This item confused me at first because not only is the label totally blurry, it was also really sticky and the smells were intense. I wiped it and retighten the cap, I think it just got filled too much and spilled or someone packing it had the aura spray on their hands and it got all over the bottle. Either way, this stuff is great! I work mainly with intentional magick, so this is perfect for. I've used it when I was doing intentional mindful meditation and it's worked wonders for me! It smells really good and made with patchouli, amber, and white tea oils which I'm digging. It's supposed to attract positivity and attractive energy to you and your space. I'm totally going to using this for everything! The only thing I would change is that instead of a glass bottle I would use plastic. I know it's less "witchy" but I'm clumsy I'm afraid of breaking it!
IV 'Goddess Within' Enchanted Spell Candle 

As you remember from my OwlCrate Unboxing Video I made a few months ago, I'm not a huge fan of candles, mainly because I have a fear of fire, but this is so cool. It's a handmade candle, rolled in petals and anointed with Jasmine oil and comes with a spell from their Book of Shadows which is pretty freaking rad ya'll. I think the whole packaging is really cool. I think instead of burning it I'll cut it up and put it in my wax melter. Witchcraft is nothing without adaptability.
V "Freyja" Magickal Anointing Oil 

According to the parchment guide, anointing oil was created by enhancing the flows through your life. I recently read about the goddess Freyja in Neil Gaiman Norse Mythology and I thought she was super cool. Freyja great qualities is the "abundant, vigorous and unapologetic passion she creates within herself, making her confident and unrestrained" It's made with jasmine, rose, and white tea, and has jasmine buds, rose etals, and leaf of god, and a lemurian quartz inside the jar. You can use this to anoint your skin, candles and jewerly to become more in-tune with your natural goddess. I haven't opened this yet, thoough it looks a little open (maybe thats what made everything sticky), but the outsides smells really good. I'm a little afraid to open it because I'm sarced it's going to go everywhere. Also it's made wih sunflower oil, and while I don't have senstive skin, I'm nervous to try it, but I'm def going to use it on my necklace.
VI "The Maiden" Goddess Sacred Salt 

This is a one of the few things in this box that are really cool that I probably won't use. I don't take baths (showers for me). The guide suggested you take your sacred salt in a bowl of warm water and pour over your body to get the energy benefits, but that seems like a lot of work. It seems really good though and it's made with vanilla, jasmine, white tea essentials oils as well with rose petals, jasmine buds, and marigold herbs. I'm not sure what to do with it, so please let me know if you have suggestions.
VII Amethyst Cluster 

Hello my name is Elle and I'm a slut for crystals. This is soooo pretty like I love everything about this. From it's raw form to the fact that it came in a silk pouch. If you are not familiar with Amethyst, is is often worn as a symbol of royalty and beauty and a must have stone for any witch. This stone has been placed in the collection to enchane one's self esteem and courage(two things I need). It also gives you a nice affirmation to use with it. This is the perfect edittion to my alter and I'm so in love.
VIII Wisdom of Amber Incense 

The other thing that I liked in this box but won't end up using. Again, I don't do anything fire (not my brand of magick). It smells really good though. I have been smelling it one in a while and it smells so good and is suppose to help you seek truth and wisdom. I might put it in my fairy garden and a nice decoration. Again, and suggestion on what to do with incense other than burning it, let me know!
IX-XI Herbs: Queen of Flowers, Raspbery Leaf, Jasmine Buds. 

So one of the reasons I don't do spells or sachets is because I don't usually have the herbs to do it, but not anymore! This is so cool! It's like my own witchy storeroom. These herbs are perfect for alters, brew in teas, and just general spell casting. Queen of Flowers(rose petals) are used in love potions and sachets and have magickal properties of love, psychic power, love, and divination. Raspberry leaf magickal properties include protection and love. Jasmine buds properties include spiritual love, money and prophetic dreams. I can't wait to use these!!
XII Personalized Oracle Reading 

When I first read that it was personally picked out card for me from the Soulful Woman deck I was skeptical. Would it actually fit me? Turns out it does. The card, Uniquely Myself. reads "I trust who I am is perfect for my unique journey and soul path" which is honestly what I needed to hear right now. Also, this is the 32 card, and my birthday is the 23 which from a numerology standpoint is super interesting!!
XIV "The Triple Goddess" Book of Shadows Artwork 

I LOVE this print!!! Like OMG I'm obsessed. It's so pretty I'm giving it heart eyes every time I look at it. This is a Triple Goddess entry from The Book of Shadows and was created by Adriene Alden, exclusively for The Witches Moon, which is so cool! I love exclusive things! This is such a cool rare thing and I ordered a frame for it to hang it nicely in my room.

This is probably my favorite subscription box I ever got. Kat outdid herself with her gift this year. Seriously, if you are into witchy stuff, advance for beginning, this is the box for you!! Like only two things I found that I wouldn't use, out of 14 items! That's a huge deal. The only drawbacks to this box was the leaky oil situation and just how powerful the smell is. That might have to do with the leak, but I think with all the oils, sprays, incense, and candle, it's a lot for the nose to take in. It smells GOOD, but it became a little much after a while, so if you live with people, and especially if they are sensitive to smells, this might not be the box for you. Like my whole upstairs smelled like Misty Hallows. Still, love the box!
Favorite Item(s): The pendant necklace, The Come to Me Spray, The Amethyst Cluster, The Print, and the Altar Statue.
Would I Order This Box Again?: I would totes pay money for this box. Maybe not every month because it is pretty pricey (including shipping the total is $54 a month). Don't get me wrong, it's totally worth the price, but maybe not every month. If I really like the theme and I have the cash, it's going directly into my chart. Best subscription box I ever had.
Where Can I Buy This:

That's it for me loves! What did you think of the box? Let me know in the comments!
Stay Stylin'


  1. Use your sacred salt as a foot soak! Those are super relaxing and good for relieving any aches and pains, so it's something I recommend to people who wear heels. :)

    1. You are a genius!!! I didn't think of that! Brilliant :)

  2. Your Subscription box idea is really authentic. I stumbled upon your blog while reading an article on
    how to start a subscription box service. You guys have become my inspiration. I will also give my 100% in starting something innovative.


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