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Back to school #ootd

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been a little MLA, I've been super duper busy getting ready to go back to New Canada and TURNING 21!!! WHOOT FINALLY ADULT, SO OLD!!! Anyway....I'm also happy to say that I just started my senior year at college! It feels like every two years I'm graduating from something. I'm completely nervous about the dreaded real world coming closer and closer on my horizon, but I've chosen to look on the more positive things like my amazing new town house I'll living in this year with three awesome girls, and my wonderful PR internship that I have at school. But don't worry, I'm still fashionable as always! Take a look at my #ootd
 OMG WHY DID JUMPSUIT GO OUT OF STYLE IN THE 70'S?!?! They are legit the most perfect thing and I have no idea how I managed to live my life without them for so long. They are so comfy and so cute and its like a cute, adult oneie! Please jumpsuit, never leave the fashion world again you are a pleasure.