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Hey lovelies! I was looking at some of my old post and I realized that this blog is a year old today!! ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! And nothing says happy birthday quite like a clip art cupcake.

Look at that. Doesn't that almost look life effect?
Seriously guys, I'm really excited about this! It's been a whole year with this year, and what a year it's been. I started this blog a year ago, semi-peer pressured by Kat after telling her that I always wanted to start a fashion blog. I was in a really interesting place in my life. I was really depressed, a not so great relationship was ending that I was really sad about and I didn't want I was doing and felt like I didn't have an choices in life. This blog became a great outlet to be creative and write; it was a fun outlet for for me.  Now, while I'm still dealing with depression and body image issues, I feel like I'm doing better. I have an amazing group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend (who I met after starting thi…

Mod Cloth's Stylish Surprise review!

Hey Lovely's! Happy April! Starting the month off right and doing a blog post, no fooling! (come on, you knew there be puns). I'm going to be doing a second review in a row!(Gasp).  This on is for Mod Cloth! (Screams)

 This is the beautiful photo that greeted me  four days ago when I was checking my Instagram in the library instead of proofreading my paper (whoops). For those of you who are not familiar with mod cloth it is a super cute, online clothing site where you can buy vintages dresses. For the past like year or so I have been lusting after one of these dresses but they go for around 80 bucks and it made my wallet cry. So you could say I was pretty happy when I saw this unexpected surprise .

Basically what the Stylish Surprise is is a thing that Mod Cloth does  a few times a year where it gives you the option of buying a totally random clothing item or shoes for ridiculous cheap. This time is was 20 dollars for a dress, 20 for apparel and 15 for shoes.   I was a little …