A Handy Guide to Swinter: AKA Fake Spring

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a hoppy Easter/Passover/weekend. I ate a lot of carrot cake cupcakes and peanut butter eggs, leaving me a very bad body image day. But it's fine, because it's April, and that means spring is here right?! Floral patterns, light jackets, peep toes shoes, sunshine!!!

I had just bought a spring dress when I turned on the TV and saw snow. Flippin' snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Friday.

I just got MOST of the snow off my lawn, I can't take any more of this freaking folks. I was so optimistic, I even bought clothes! I've fallen for the dreaded trap of SWINTER 

What's swinter you ask? It's the horrible time of the year where it's almost spring, but then it's NOPE not yet, also known as fake spring.

Basically it's Mother Nature April fools joke on all of us.

BUT there is a way to survive it folks. I've come up with ten handy things that will get you through weird limbo of seasons.

  1. Booties 
Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash
Swinter is that weird season where it's not cold enough to keep wearing your tall winter boots, but not warm or dry enough to wear your flats/heels. That's why booties are brilliant, because they give you the warmth and protection of a boot, but the ease of a regular shoe. Perfect transitional piece.
2. Umbrella 

Photo by Oskar Krawczyk on Unsplash
Swinter is a cruel, unpredictable mistress who will change weather on a dime. One moment it will be sunny and then Boom rain/snow. Keep an umbrella on so you're always prepared.

3.Trench Coat 

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash
Trench coats are a perfect coat to have in the spring because "April Showers".  Because it's waterproof it's perfect to wear when those April showers turn into snow showers

4. Rain Boots 
Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash
I cannot wear my snow boots anymore gang, I just can't, it makes me too sad. At least rain boots keep the snow at bay and makes me pretend that's raining...really really cold rain.
5. Tights 

Oh tights, you are probably the only thing getting me through this winter, and now swinter. Tights allow you to wear all of your cute spring outfits that it's still a tad too chilly to wear. Pro tip, get some bright color tights (or cat print) to combat all these gray skies.
6. Sweaters/cardigans

It's sweater time again loves! Now instead of layering them with a jacket, you can just wear them on there own as you slowly wait for things to warm (please soon) 

7. light gloves 
Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash
Gloves are so important in swinter ya'll, especially if you have to good outside in the morning, your little fingers are gonna freezes. Lightweight gloves will keep your hands warm but not bake. 

8. Light scarves 

For those of you who suffered through my vlog (and I love you for it). You'll know that I love scarves and that I make scarves with my loom. Scarves are hands down my favorite accessory and are perfect accessory because it came make any outfit both cute and warm.

Bonus A Postive Attitude 
Because spring will get here soon damn it!!!

That's it for me loves. How are you dealing with Fake Spring? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Stylin' 


  1. I feel you - we're literally in the grips of a winter storm right now. It's just white stuff flying past my office window. We had to reschedule an out of town work meeting in April - because of snow. It's depressing.

    My way of dealing is to wear brighter and Springier colors in warm fabrics. For example, I have a pair of bright green denim pants on with my furry snow boots and my black sweater is decorated with pretty white beads on the collar. I've also got an abundance of mustard yellow cardigans to toss on when it gets chilly as well.

    Hang in there - it'll get warm again soon!

    1. Ooooo I def need some bright green pants. If I wear enough floral, the weather will get the message lol.

  2. Oh please, no more snow!?!?! Spring is my favourite season, and the unseasonably cold days and snow make me feel like Spring is being shortened. I love your trenchcoat idea, and those rain boots are indispensable. I love those cat tights and the photo of you rocking them (swoon).
    The light gloves are a great idea too. I have been hiding out indoors more than I have in previous Springs. Best wishes for REAL Spring weather hopefully arriving soon!



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