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5 Accessories Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Hey loves! Hope your week was great! I wasn't really feeling my best this week, which is why I didn't do the twitter poll this week. Luckly, I feel well enough to do today's post! Now, a question that I get a lot is how to accessories. How can you turn a plain outfit of t-shirt and jeans into a killer outfit, or how to get different looks out of one outfit so you don't get bored. Accessorizing can be tough, but I'm here to give you five accessories that will instantly upgrade any outfit.

1. Statement Necklace 

Bold necklace is the easiest way to add a little flash to your everyday look and a piece that will get the most compliments. You can get a really high spurge piece like my moon necklace from QVC or a costume jewelry like the gold piece I got at TJ Maxx, each will last a very long time. Use the necklace to brighten up a place dress, tee and jeans, or just a dress you've had forever. Necklaces for the win!
2. Bold earrings 

Bold earring is the cheapest and ea…

Shops I Love

Hey Lovelies, your girl here, enjoy one of the last beautiful days of summer before I have to break out the jackets and scarfs. Or, if you don't have any fall clothes, or your old one are looking pretty warn, you might be shopping for some new ones. If you're anything like me, you probably looooovee shopping. Either in person or online, I'm also browsing through also clothes, looking at the new trends, creating shopping lists in my head, or sometimes even buying (okay, a lot of buying). I've often asked where I find my clothes, and the answer is: a little bit of everywhere. I shop online, at the mall, and used to do a good amount of thrift shopping. So I've come up with a list of my favorite shops, and where I buy the bulk of my closet. Let's get started!
OMG I cannot sing LindyBop praises any louder if I try. I'm OBSESSED with this clothing shop after stumbling upon in a couple months ago on Tumblr, I became hooked, buying two dresses and getting o…

Outfits Inspired By Book Covers

Hey Lovelies! You girl here telling you that I'm not only a fashion lover, but I'm also a huge book nerd! Now, I know never to judge a book by its cover, but some covers are just soooo pretty that you have to buy them, just to display on your shelves. Today I'm going to take some of my favorite covers of my favorite books and paired them up with outfits, the best of both worlds.(All of these outfits I made using Polyvare)

1) The Great Gatsby 

I think The Great Gatsby has the prettiest book cover of all time. Like seriously look it, those eyes, those colors, it's pure art. I actually have a jumper and tote bag that has the Gatsby cover on it. I wanted an outfit that played on the 1920's time period while also sticking with the color palette. A flapper dress would be to obvious, but I think it's a nice nod to the book.
Favorite character: Jay Gatsby Fun fact my best friend Kat and I used to nickname an ex-boyfriend of mine Gatsby but not for any personality trait r…

Dressing by the decades (Part 2)

Hey loves! Thank you so much for all the feedback on the last blog post! You guys make my heart sing! Here's the dramatic conclusion to all last post, from the 70's-Today. Let's take a look back on all the stuff you probably lived through (and fashion choices you may or not have regretted). So lets take a flash back into fashion past.

70's fashion Aw the 70's, a time of peace, love and making questionable choices. The 70's fashion style is making a compact in the last two years with no sign of stopping so this might be a good shopping list for now. And if you still aren't sure, just watch That 70's Show.  -long flowing skirts -bell bottoms -short shorts  -tight graphic tees -pant suits  -platform shoes  -suede (so much suede) -Denim (so much denim)   -turtle necks -fringe  -high-waisted  -overalls  -peasant blouses  -wide brim hats   -bright colored prints. Earth tones

80's fashion 
MAJOR UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT I hate 80's fashion. Completely and utterly hate it.…