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Packing For A Fall Trip

Hello Lovelies! Can you believe it's the end of October?! Autumn is going by so fast and honesty the only fall activity I've done so far is drink an endless amount of Pumpkin Spice coffee (I know, I'm super lame and low key a shut-in).  I spent most of my time at the paper doing Halloween stories and now I'm on Christmas stories! Well, I decided to give Fall one last shout out by putting together a sort of packing list for a fall trip.
Only I not doing a "typical" packing list, telling the basic of packing (honestly if need someone to tell you to pack panties you are beyond my help lol).  But I'm doing a fall aesthetic packing list, filled with items that really gives your road trip, or any trip that fall feel. Remember, it's only going to feel like fall in most places for a few more weeks, so indulge a little ;).

Fall Packing List 
-Knee-high boots  -Mental travel mug (not ceramic because you will break it)  -Dark plum lipstick (because fall) -bottle of h…

Easy Halloween Costumes To Do At The Last Second

Hey lovelies! Halloween is eight days from now, do you have your Halloween costume ready? Because I sure don't. Fun fact: I love Halloween, but I'm such a bad planner for it. I've been writing about Halloween for over a month at work so I'm a little Halloween out. I also didn't decorate this year or really do anything (I've been a little out it), and all my friends lived hundreds of miles away from me so I don't really have any plans. Buutttt If you're not a complete loser like me, you probably have some Halloween party plans, or maybe you have some last minute plans that you need to have a costume for ASAP. You don't have the time, money, or energy to head to the store and pay good money for some itchy costume you'll only wear once. So I've made it a mission today to look through my closet and put together a few fun costumes, McGuvier style that you can make a put on in no time. Who says that Halloween has to be hard?

Damien's "She …

One Item Challenge (Blanket Scarf)

Hey Lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying you're Monday! I just finished John Green's new novel Turtles All The Way Down and I'm currently sobbing my eyes out. Seriously guys, read it. Like drop what you're doing and go out a read that fantastic book.
But first, read this!

Fall is the perfect time for accessorizing, so I thought it would be a perfect time to do a One Item Challenge? What's a One Item Challenge you ask? Basically, it's taking an accessory and styling it three different ways? Sometimes we get stuck in what I call an "accessory rut" where you only wear an accessory one way with one outfit. Well, I'm here to expand your fashion horizon with my pick: a blanket scarf.

Blanket scarfs are the perfect accessory for fall, especially around this time of year when the mornings are really cold but the afternoon or warm, or some parts of the day are colder than others, just put your blanket scarf in your bag and you're ready for anything.

Modcloth Stylish Surprise (October Edition)

Hello lovelies! Your girl here with another review! As you are well aware, I am a sucker for Modcloths Stylish Suprise, I've written several reviews on it, and no matter what I'm doing, or how low my shopping money fund is (yes I have a fund set up just for clothing spending) I will buy SOMETHING at the Stylish Suprise, also known as fashion Russian Roulettes.

     For the folks at home who haven't heard of Stylish Surprise,  It's something that the clothing site ModCloth does every few months where they offer their beautiful(and pricey) dress, apparel, shoes, jewelry and apartment items for super low prices. The catch? You have no item what your getting. You pick the size and that's it. You could get something you love, or you can get something you hate. Russian Roulettes man. This time, they switched it up a bit. They used to do four or five categories: dresses, apparel, shoes, jewelry, and apartment items. This time they were super specific with their products b…

Outfits Based on Fictional Characters

Hey lovelies! How is everyone doing on this chilly fall day? I'm pretty shocked by the attack that happened in Vegas last night and my heart goes out to the people there. Vegas is my family favorite vacation spot and I almost went to school out there. Actually, I'm currently writing about Vegas in my novel right now. So natural I'm very heartbroken and almost didn't blog today because I was pretty down.
     But to live in fear is to live by the rules and desires of terrorist, and I'm not into any of that.

    So onto blogging.

   Modcloth made my day but surprising me with their Stylish Suprise Sale :D Which is like the real-life Hunger Games as I try to get as many deals as I can before time runs out. I managed to get a bottom, an outwear and an accessory at legit the last minute because they sold out at checkout but when I went back they had like 4 more so I sagged on. All these I haven't tried before so I'm excited.

Also, I've been buying myself gi…