My Top 24 Outfits

Hey loves! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday and just having a good month in general. August is my favorite month, not only because it's my birthday month, but because I can enjoy pumpkin spice everything and Halloween decorations in 80-degree pool weather.
Speaking of birthday is tomorrow! I'll be turning the big 24 and kinda feeling meh about it. I've never really been excited about my birthday unless I was going on a trip or something. Idk, I get weirdly sad about my birthday. Plus I feel like I celebrated it a week ago when I got my first byline in Teen Vogue which was an amazing experience and like I'm so proud of it, and a friend came over and celebrated with me which was really nice. I don't think of doing much tomorrow. Maybe go to Barnes and Noble, but nothing really cool. Helloooo adulthood.

Anyway, in honor of my 24 birthday, here are my top 24 favorite outfits that I've ever put together. From vintage dresses to fancy outwear. Here's the best I could find!

24. Anchors Away! 
Totally don't like how this picture looks or how I look in this photo but this is one of my favorite summertime outfits
23. Award-Winning Style 

Fun fact: I just bought this at Penny's massive clearance sale for $17!! Winning!
22.Complex Female Character 

I loveeee a good nerd shirt/skater skirt combo. That is legit one of my go-to combos.
21. Mood 

Again I'm not loving my face, but this witchy outfit is on point!
20. Leopard print for the office 

Legit my favorite office outfit. Those boots!! *heart eyes*
19. Swan Lake 

The print is so pretty, it's like it's painted on!!
18.  Lois Lane 

Another work-wear fav.
17. Cherry On Top 

When I saw this dress on Forever 21 I knew I had to have it and I have zero regrets. They are going to be a lot of keyhole dresses on the list btw.
16. Boss Bae 

Another nerd shirt/skater skirt combo paired with my favorite blazer
15. Arabella 

Big. Fricking. Mood.
14. Lumber Jane 

Cold shoulder flannel for the win!
13. Rosey Vibe 

This is absolutely my favorite dress of all time. I have had it for almost five years now and it's been with me everywhere from Vegas to my first day of college and everywhere in between. It's so faded right now I don't think I can wear it and I'm desperately looking to replace it. If anyone has any tips on where to find this dress or similar (floral tank dress with an open back) let a gal know!
12. Cherry Bomb 

I know how silly it is to have TWO tie font cherry dresses not only one this list but in my CLOSET. But look how cute it is!!!
11. "I can show you the world..." 

This is my Disney Bound of Prisoner Jasmine from Aladdin. This is the comfiest jumpsuit ever. and I feel so sexy in it. The reason that it's not higher on the list that I've only worn it once, for this picture. :P
10. Swak 

Omg, I feel like such a silly dork in this dress and I love it.
9. Adult Onesie 

This photo was taken my first day of my senior year of college and this outfit still slayyyyyys
8. Viva Las Vegas 

That print *heart eyes*
7. Victorian Gal 

Again, I hate my face in this photo. I will never be a good model or good photographer. Nevertheless, this is such a fun outfit that owns my heart.
6. Breezy 

I love this look because of demin the of how much you can do with the denim shirt thing (Idk what you would call it). I did an elephant theme here but this is so breezy and fun that you can do WHATEVER to it and it'll work.
5. Life's a Circus 

Omg this dress. Lions in top hats. Lions in top hats. Do I need to say more?
4. French Mime 

High key super mad that I don't have my sparkly black beret in the photo becasue I always wear it with this oufit. I love the French look. I do, I'm old fashion like that. This outfit makes me feel so chic and put together, even though it's legit just a crop top and skater skirt. Magic.
3. Flower Power 

If I could guess what my most complimented outfit is, I would say it's this one. I've had many many dates, boyfriends, friends, strangers, tell me how much they love this outfits. It's different from most of my outfits because of its bright colors but it's so simple and sweet. Automatic winner.
2. London Calling 

I love this dress for a million reason. It's London based (my dream place to travel), it was a birthday gift from Kat last year, it has pockets. But the reason it's so high on the list is all the memories I have wearing this dress. I quit the job that made my list miserable in this dress, I went to BookCon and met Mackenzi Lee in this outfit. It just makes me feel great about myself.
1. You Know You Love Me 

And now my number one outfit!! I have had this dress for 6 years and it has still hold up over all this time (a rare thing for a Forever 21 dress). I don't have enough words for how much I love this outfit. It perfect for almost any event, any season, and just effortless style that's timeless. I love everything about it: from the color to the polka-dot pattern. It just makes feel put together and good about myself when I wear it. But, let's be honest, the main reason why this is number on is that someone told me I look like Blair Waldorf in this dress, and that's the best compliment a gal could get.

That's it for me loves! What did you think? Agree with my ranking? What are some of your favorites that you wear a lot. Let me know in the comments!
Stay Stylin'


  1. Happy Birthday starting less than three hours from now!!!!!! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

    I LOVE the review of NetFlix's "Insatiable" that you wrote in Teen Vogue!!! I agree with your assessments. Your review added very important information about eating disorders! I watched all 12 episodes of Insatiable. It seemed to me that as the storyline progressed the amount of comedy was declining as the amount of darkness was increasing. I didn't like the season ending episode.

    I really, really, really love all twenty four of your outfits shown above! My favourite five from amongst your 24 OOTD lookbook (it's difficult limiting it to just five) are:
    Swak (10);
    You Know You Love Me (1);
    Flower Power (3);
    Complex Female Character (22), and;
    French Mime (4).

    Have a fabulous birthday and year - 24 is a wonderful age to be!

    Lingerie Review of Full Brief Panties by Lucy B and Shadowline with THANKS to Commenters

    1. Thank you so much!!! The season finale was a train wreck I did not enjoy. Like regardless of how dangerous the show is to people with eating disorders the show is just BAD in general lol. Aww thank you so much dear <3

  2. Happy Birthday!

    24 is one of those "meh" ages, so your perspective is perfectly natural I think. I had a blast turning 30 last year but now that I'm gonna be 31, it's just another "meh" experience. Funny how feel certain ways about certain types of numbers, eh?

    With regards to these wonderful #lewks you are serving us here, I really like #8, #11, #13, #15, and #23 the best! I could definitely see myself rocking that leopard coat and suddenly that reminds me that I was going to do a post about my leopard trench 3-ways.

    Since it's gonna be trendy this fall, maybe I'll schedule it for September. Cheers!

    1. Thank you!! And right?! I think we all have these "milestone" birthday of what's suppose to be a big deal in our heads. I remember I was out to dinner on my 21st and my waitress said "have fun, it all gets less exciting from here" and that was a downer lol.
      Yass, please do the leopard trench 3-ways! I need it!

  3. Congratulations on your Domain name and author site Ellen Ricks - Writer-Blogger-Freelancer!
    I'm sending you thoughts and prayers (in response to your 4:39 PM, 29 Mar 2019 Tweet about having had a 'horrific body dysmorphia week(s)...'), and wanted to make sure you know that you are absolutely gorgeous just the way you are - please love yourself and be healthy - you are very young, beautiful, and very much worth it!

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