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Dressing by the decades (part 1)

Hey Lovelies! My birthday was last week! So I ate a lot of cake and looked at a lot of pretty dresses. As I mentioned in a bunch of posts lately I'm currently obsessed with vintage fashion. There's so many styles and era's to play with that it can seem overwhelming to find which era to dress up as, so I came up with a nice little list about what type and style of clothes go with each era. Today's post will be focusing on 1920's-1960's and next week post will be from the 1970's to today. Remember nothing really goes out of style, just recycles.
20's  Ah yes, the 1920's famous for disillusion and secret drinking (also what I'm famous for) the 1920's still known for jazz, famous writers and glitter. While the era is still popular today thanks to popular media such as "Z: the beginning of everything" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them". The key to dresses for this era Boy-ish figures with a lotta legs (serious, boobs …

Fall 2017 Guide

Hey Lovies! Well, it happened. I walked into the Price Chopper the other day and there I saw it: a wall of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cups, the Great Pumpkin has risen, Fall is upon us.
      Now, I'm the last person to wish away summer, my birthday is in a couple of days (turning 23, feeling pretty meh.) but while summer is my favorite season, I do have a certain love for fall. All the pretty colors, the smell of apple, as yes, pumpkin spice lattes. Don't judge me #pfl 5ever!!!
   So I thought I would do a little lookbook this week to get you and your closet ready for fall.  So let's get started!

The Palette 

So the most important thing to think about when building a fall wardrobe is getting the color palette. Getting what colors you want to use will help you build outfits better and navigate the fall trends that might be a little overwhelming. We all know that fall is all about reds, orange, and yellows, warm colors, but each year the Gods and Goddess of fashion give…

Movies that are my fashion inspiration

Hey lovelies! As a fashion blogger and just someone who loves fashion in general, I get inspiration from everywhere, from colors I see, stores I go too, Instagram, people I see, and mainly from movies. I'm a huge movie buff, I just adore watching old classic films, losing myself for a couple hours in a different time, different world. Many of the movies I watch have inspired my style, just how unique some of the pieces are. So I decided to share some of my favorite movies that are also my fashion inspiration.

1) The Lady Eve (1941)

The Lady Eve is 1941 screwball comedy about a beautiful con artist (Barabara Standwick) and a shy, naive heir (Henry Fonda) who meet on an ocean liner and fall in love, but not without some scheming, fake identity and a snake or two. Famous Hollywood costume designer Edith Head worked on the film and the clothes really do make the film. The first picture is my favorite outfit of the film. It's such a simple outfit, but it's beautiful and different…

Ways to Wear Vintage Style Dresses

Hey Lovlies! Hope yall are enjoying the last bit of summer fun. I love August (mainly because it's my birthday month so I call it the month of Ellen) but with August we have to look to the season ahead: pumpkin spice season (the fact that pumpkin spice is so close makes me a little less sad that summer is almost over.)
     Anyway, as you may know by now, I might have a slighhhhttt obsession with vintage dresses (okay, like a huge obsession) I just feel so cute and fancy in them, like walking around in a vintage movie. However, I, like many of you reading this, was nervous about buying vintage dresses. I had questions like "How will I wear this?" "How can I transition this into different sessions?" "Will I be able to wear this dress with other pieces of my closet?"   Some people may feel boxed in by having to wear vintage dresses a certain, traditional way. Well, this post is here to help you! I've come up with 5 sure fire ways to style different…