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What your favorite print says about you!

Hey fashion friends! Elle's here! Now I'm the kinda girls who loves prints: leopard print, houndstooth, polka dot,I love them all! The thing I love as much as prints is personality test, so I've decided to take my love of prints and my so of personality quizzes and make a fashion personality assessment! With my B+ in community college Psychology and my A+ in Fashion this is sure to be solid A so lets get started.

If you wear a lot of....Animal print(leopard, zebra and giraffe: oh my) :  You're a wild child. You're bold, loud and proud and you don't care who knows it! You're very independent and you like to do you're own thing. You can been very flirty and love to go out and take a little walk on the wild side. Sometimes you can be a bit to outrageous and you're rebellious nature can put people off but don't let that bother you; all of those traits just makes you the King/Queen of the Jungle.

Houndtooth: You're intelligent!  You're wits ar…

Happy Solstice everyone!

Hey Fashionistas! Happy father day/Solstice! Hope you're all enjoying the longest day of the year.  Todays' an #ootd day (throws confetti) because I actually remember to take a photo of myself (oops) It's actually easier to take photos at school because I usually have someone who tolerates me enough to take my picture (aka Kat) At home...not so much. So for the next couple of months my #ootd will not be the best. But hey, maybe I'll learn...maybe.

I call this outfit my modern Audrey Hepburn outfit. Now, for everyone who has ever met me knows that I love Audrey Hepburn. In my mind she is a true Goddess of fashion. She is so stylish, so classy, so...effortless. Something I strive for in my own fashion choices. WWAD: What Would Audrey Do? This outfit is a nod to that. To start off with I Love black and white as a color pattern. Simple, but it works. Audrey was famous for the little black dress but inside of a dress I used high waisted polka-dot shorts and a cami (both I g…