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First day of work Selfie + Mod Cloth Stylish Surprise

Hey lovelies! Sorry for the looooong hiatus, this summer has been a little...odd. My last semester of college was a little...stressful and I think I took the summer to really process everything.  I was also going through a lot with my relationship, so it was really hard to put on a happy face for the blog.  But, I do have good news! After almost four summer, I finished the first draft of my novel

There's going to be a lot of editing and a lot of hard work to make this perfect, but I'm excited about the next steps in this journey.

In other news, I started my new job yesterday! I am a professional Reading and Writing Tutor at the community college I used to go too before getting my bachelors. It's weird being back on campus not being a student, but looking hella like a student. Also I'm hard core missing SUNY Potsdam, so it made me miss it more. But here is my first day of work outfit.

Someday I would like to take a picture where I am not looking low-key miserable and lo…