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Review Time! Owl Crate Unboxing (July 2017)

Hey lovelies! Your girl Elle here with another unboxing! Okay, I mighhhhhhtttt have a slighhhhtt obsession with subscription boxes but it's so fun!!
(Also I can't tell if this is a happy face I'm making or horror. I was going for happy lol)
A little bit about OwlCrate if you're not familiar with the company, they are a monthly YA subscription box, where each month they will send you a new YA novel (with an exclusive cover and signed book plate) along with 3-5 other "bookish" goodies based on a theme that changes each month. July's theme was: Wanderlust and it actually had 6 items instead of the regular 3-5.) Subscription prices start at $29.99 per month plus shipping but there's usually a coupon code somewhere in the world for you to use to get a little discount.
This is my second OwlCrate, my first being back in March 2016 "Writer's Block" box (click here to read that review.) I like OwlCrate and I follow them on Instagram to see if ther…

Amazon Prime Dress Haul Review (Plus review of other pretty dresses)

Hey lovelies! In case you've been living under a rock and have no access to the horrible annoying TV and internet ads Prime Day was July 11. Prime Day is basically a day to stay connected to your phone as you try to score all the best deals before they are either sold out or the deal expired. It's kinda like a very intense QVC. Anywhoser, I had recently gotten an Amazon Student Prime subscription (Mainly to watch the Zelda Fitzgerald show) and I decided to treat myself to some things, since my recent employment and having things published professional(aka they pay me). There were so many categories that it was impossible to keep up with all of them, so I mainly stuck with books and clothes category(my true passions in life) I ended up getting only clothing stuff because all the book sets I wanted was sold out like that. They lead me to the question of "Are the dresses on Amazon really that good?" Buying dresses online, as many of you have probably experience can be q…

How to Dress For Your First Adult Job

Hey lovelies! Your girl here with some exciting news! I got a new job! As of Wednesday, I am the new writer for Manchester Newspapers which is a newspaper organization made up of several small presses in New York and Vermont. I basically re-write press releases and make them into longer pieces and do feature articles. It's an interesting job so far, and it still gives me time to focus on my freelance work and creative writing (aka get my book published!!).

While this is not "technically" my first adult job, it is my first job away from professional tutoring, which I had been doing for years, so it's a little nerve wracking. Especially the day of the interview where I stood in front of my closet thinking "What the hell do I wear?" So I made this handy guide for how to dress for your first adult job. Though this guide could be used for first internships or any new work environment. So let's get started!

The Basics

So you nailed that interview and got the j…