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OwlCrate: June 2018 Review!

Hey loves! Thank goddess it's Friday, right? I have been swamped lately! But! I've finished all my deadlines (on time) and have some time on my hands, I plan on relaxing, reading, and watch the new season of Queer Eye (yaaaaaassss Kween). It's gonna be nice loves.

Also as a nice surprise, my OwlCrate came! Which means it's time for *drum roll*


If you're new to this blog, I've gotten OwlCrate in the past that you can read, here, here, and here. Yes, I've gotten a lot of these.

A little bit about OwlCrate if you're not familiar with the company, they are a monthly YA subscription box, where each month they will send you a new YA novel (with an exclusive cover and signed book) along with 4-6 other "bookish" goodies based on a theme that changes each month. June's theme was: "Summer Loving".  Subscription prices start at $29.99 per month plus shipping but there's usually a coupon code somewhere in the world f…

Best Sunglasses and Swimsuit Pairings

Hello loves! Summer is finally here and I am so happy! It’s been a hard winter, but summer seems to finally set in, and I have embraced it with open arms.  One of my favorite thing about summer is the fashion! I love shorts, tank tops, sandals, and dresses, all of which were made for summer. However, my favorite summer outfit is probably a bikini and a pair of sunglasses, a.k.a the one true pairing. I love more than anything is to go for a swim in my pool and then dry off with a good book. I go through tons of sunglasses over the years, always on the hunt for the “perfect pair”.  Which is why I got so excited when Warby Parker, an online shop that sells gorgeous prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices, announced the launch of their newest collection of sunglasses called “The Summer Edit” with different styles for everyone!  My eyes were particularly drawn to the more feminine styles (because when am I not drawn to all thing girly? lol). Plus, they got some awesome new hu…

Elle and Kat's Fabulous Adventures XOXO

Hi loves! I'm so sorry for being MIA last month, I had a lot of deadlines I need to get done and I wasn't feeling great, not only physically, but just feeling crappy about myself in general.
Luckily, I just got back from my recent vacay and I'm feeling a thousand percent better and ready to write.
So where did I go?
New York City Baby!!!!! *Cue Schuyler Sisters singing "In the greatest city in the world"*

As I may have mentioned a few time before my best friend Kat  lives in Brooklyn and just graduated from library school *proud bestie moment, have not stopped crying* and a few months ago she invited me to come down for BookCon, which is like ComicCon but for BOOKS *squeals* naturally I accepted because I haven't seen my plutonic soulmate in two years, and I missed her very dearly. So last weekend I went to the big apple and let me tell you, I had to best time EVER!!!!

(Don't worry, I have photos, well, Kat took photos, I was too awestruck)

Okay so I was o…