What I'm Loving (July Edition)

Hey loves! So much as been going on lately, this summer has been bananas regarding work. In case I haven't mentioned this before, I'm a freelance writer and I'm currently a contributor at OutLoud Magazine and Horoscope.com, along pitching articles at a bunch of other places, keeping me writing almost constantly. I love that I get to write about things like witchcraft and numerology, things that everyone used to roll there eyes at me over and get paid for it. Who's laughing now?

I'm getting sidetracked. So I thought I end the month with a roundup of things I'm loving right now because while I've been crazy busy I did I have time to enjoy things (okay mainly shop).

So here's what I can't stop talking about right now:

Tie Front Dresses 

Omg, I'm so in love with this trend guys I can't even help myself. Tie front dresses are the must have for the summer I can't even stop myself from looking at them I'm so in love. I currently have three tie front dresses (two of them have cherry designs and one has lips) but this one is my favorite. I got it on Amazon during Prime Day, and it's really soft and lightweight and just perfect for summer. I know I've been horrible at taking photos later (yay body dysmorphia) but I am trying to get myself to take more soon. But like there's something so sexy about these dresses that make me obsessed. If I only had places to wear them too, *sigh*.

Harry Potter Ring 

In anticipation of my upcoming birthday (Aug. 23), I decided to treat myself so hard you guys, so hard. And everyone was having a sale last weekend and I'm only human. Alex and Ani were having a sale on their Harry Potter collection and I've had my eye on this Harry Potter Ring for ages and I knew I had to have it. It's beautiful, but I've been wearing it for three days and already learning that it's not an everyday ring. Not only do have really small hands that I have to adjust it as tight as it can go, it's still pretty loose, but the lightning bolt is actually really sharp and I'm nervous I'm going to cut myself. Still pretty.

Kawii Tarot 
With writing for Horoscope, I've been getting back into tarot, and what better way to get motivated than with a new deck. I got the Kawaii Tarot deck by Diana Lopez off of Amazon and I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. It so pretty and comes with a really detailed book on what each card means and spreads you can do. These cards give me the sassiest reading and I love them. Currently, I'm just using them for daily advice but I'm hoping to gather enough energy to a Celtic Cross which is one of my favorite spreads.

Pray For the Wicked by Panic! At the Disco 

So I've been a huge Panic! At the Disco Fan for years, ever since Fever That You Can't Sweat Out and each album has been so unique and awesome and this one is no exception. Pray For the Wicked is a summer bop and I haven't stopped listening to it since it came out. Brendan Urie is once again slaying and I am praying to him. Fantastic album; the lyrics are top notch, the melodies are catchy as hell, and it's just an album I can really relate to at this time of my life. Also, Urie just came out as pansexual a few ago and I was so happy for it.. Currently, my favorite songs off the album are "High Hopes", "Hey Look Ma I Made It", "Dancing Not A Crime" and "(Fuck a) Silver Lining". If you are not listening to this album, drop everything a do it!


Fun fact, I have not bought shoes in three months so I decided to correct that by buying so many shoes. Well, one was a gift. But look at them!  The black Mary Joes heels are actually velvet and they are so cute I can't even. I got those at my local label shopper for a steal of $20 (orginally $69). The leopard print ones are actually an early birthday gift from my mom. They are from the Cyndi Lauper from the "Touch of Cyn" collection because appartly Cyndi Lauper has a shoe line. These are so cute and I love them, but I'm worried that because they don't have a back, I can easily fall out of them and too my demise. Fingers crossed. The last part is this cute vintage grey heels I got on sale at K-mart for $14.99 which is a steal for how great they are. K-mart has a suprising great shoe selection that I highly recommend. I actually have a pair of these in black that I wore when I was in NYC and I walked around all day for two days in those shoes and my feet didn't hurt once, so I knew I needed a pair in every color I could find. Seriously, true love.

I was really hoping July would be a better month for me, but it was just kinda blahhhhhh. I feel like I'm not living in the moment enough and not enjoying things as they happen. My goal for August is to try to be more mindful and enjoy the small things as they happen. It's already hard, lol
What is everyone loving right now? How was your July in general  Let me know in the comments!
Stay Stylin'


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel the same way about July - I was just super busy with work and kind of "bleghed out" the whole time, so I have the same goal for August - as well as getting back on my fitness plan.

    I'll be posting my summer roundup pretty soon, so stay tuned for that! :)

    On The Cusp | https://on-th3-cusp.blogspot.com/

  2. Congratulations on all your writing endeavours and successes! Your cherry print tie-front dress looks pretty, and you look fabulous wearing it. I like your Harry Potter ring and your nailpolish.
    I have a tarot deck but it doesn't look like that one, I haven't learned how to read them, and haven't had it out for decades. Yours looks nice. The dress you were wearing while holding the tarot cards is also very pretty and you look attractive in it. I think the last time someone read tarot cards for me (a lifetime ago) she may have laid them out in a Celtic cross. A long time ago I tried unsuccessfully to find and purchase a Celtic triquetra pendant. Your music choices sound intriguing.
    I spent July missing Spring. Why does time seem to be speeding up on me? I love summer fashions though.

    P.S.: I just did my first post in over 10 months: National Underwear Day 2018, Panties in the News, Panty Modelling Fail, Thanks to Commenters


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