Fashion meets Fandom: Game of Thrones

Hey loves! Hope everyone is doing swell as we reaching the middle of summer. Six more weeks till fall *sobbing*. I've been super busy doing the writing thang, and trying to figure the help out of my life thing (both have their fair share of challenges). I'm a contributing writer for now so like, that's pretty rad. I get to write about tarot, and crystals, and all things metaphysical. Rad.

Anywhos', I thought about doing something a little different this week and combined  two of my favorite things: fandoms and creating outfits on Polyvore (rip). Before Polyvore tragically died and made me sad for the rest of my life, I create outfits based on Game of Throne Houses (yayyy!!!) and I'm gonna share that with you now!
At this point who isn’t obsessed with Game of Thrones? It’s one of those shows where even if you haven’t watched it, you know enough from media that you can basically piece together what happened. Personally, I read the book series Songs of Fire and Ice first before I let myself watch the series because I personally enjoy yelling “that’s not what happened in the book!” for no one in particular. So now that I’m all caught up on the books and just getting into the show and it is INTENSE folks! Like I’m on season four and it’s a wild ride folks. Though as I continue my marathon watch that will eventually lead to sadness because the last season doesn’t start until 2019 (and the next book coming out in ??).  I thought I would create outfits based on some of my Game of Thrones Houses, because if you can’t watch new episodes of your favorite fandoms, you can at least wear them. 

House Lannister  

Okay I’ll admit it, I’m a Lannister apologist. I think it might be my favorite house and I’m only slightly ashamed. Maybe because Tyrion Lannister is my second favorite character? Or the fact that I actually love Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei POV's in the books. Whatever the case may be I’m secretly rooting for them even though my money is on Dany to win the throne. Anyway, since the Lannister banner colors are gold and red, I decided to play with those colors in the outfit. I decided to make the dress gold and use red accessories to really make the red stand out (also metaphor for all the shady things the Lannister’s have done). I also have a little lion shot glass added so you can  “drink and know things.” 

House Targaryen  

The house of one of my all time fav’s Daenerys and the TRUE RULER OF THE REALM. The Targaryen motto is fire and blood so I can up with a red hot outfit of velvet and leather. I also have a dragon blood chocker some cool dragon rings, and a clutch that may or may not be dragon skin (it’s not). I don’t think Dany would ever wear this outfit, but I feel it really captures the spirit of the house which is “I’m royal and I will kill you for one a corn chip.” 

House Martell  

I think out of all the Houses in the Games of Thrones verse, I think I would be in House Martell. I fell in love with them in A Feast for Crows and with my need for warm weather climate, the Martell’s are a must. With there house crest being the sun I used a lot of warm colors, a sun hat, and some jewelry. I also added a spear ring for the house crust. 

House Tyrell 
I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of the Tyrell’s at first. They seemed almost too good if you know what I mean. But Lady Olenna Tyrell has won my heart with  her old lady snark and I will follow her to the end of the seven realms. I think of the Tyrell’s as more of a modern house so the crop top. I also added lots of roses, flowers, and vines. 

House Stark 

Oh the Starks, just thinking about them hurts my heart. I feel so deeply for them even though I only cared about Ned and John Snow. This is the house I would least likely be in because I would freeze to death. I think of the Starks, in general, as very minimalist. So I have very little jewelry. I also have a fur cape because it’s cold. I added the backpack because it’s practical and the coffee mug because if you’re like to Starks, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of drama that only coffee can help with. 

That’s it loves! What did you think? Who do you swear your loyalty to? Let me know in the comments. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter  and Instagram. And if you want to follow my writing life, check out my author website at

Stay Stylin'


  1. Unpopular opinion time: I have never seen nor read anything related to Game of Thrones. That kind of fantasy medieval scandal trope just never really captured my interest all that much, but I can totally understand why other people dig it.

    So when people talk Game of Thrones, so much of it just sails over my head. :)

    1. Yeah I loved the books but the show is kinda...ehh. High fantasy stuff isn't normally my taste but this is pretty good but jeez is it looooonnnnnngggggg.

  2. I'm afraid I haven't followed House if Thrones either, though I did once hear someone remark how they loved the outfits on the show. The red lipstick and gold dress of House Lannister look pretty, and I love the red velvet dress of House Targaryen. I also like the floppy red hat from House Martell, the old lady snark, glittery gold crop-top and green skirt with ornamentation from the House Tyrell and the coffee mug from House Stark.
    As for my loyalty, I'm a reclusive registered blank (independent), and unless some dominatrix or damsel in distress gets a firm enough grasp on me, I suspect I'll escape pledging my loyalty... for now anyway. :-)

    1. The outfits are what got me into the show to be honest lol. I'm also a bit of a reclusive so I feel you love!


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